Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vampyres (1974)


Two blissful lovers (Fran & Miriam) are murdered in the throes of passion by an unknown assailant, their re-animated corpses arise cursed to roam the English countryside in search of blood.

Unaffected by certain limitations associated with most bloodsuckers. The devilish pair cavorts about freely in the sunlight, luring unsuspecting motorists back to the seclusion of their cob-web adorned hideaway. (Where the twosome bait their guests with flesh games and copious amounts of alcohol, before dispatching them in a bestial frenzy.)


A vacationing couple (Harriet & John) unknowingly park their caravan in the general vicinity of the duo's gloomy abode, where they encounter Fran's newest male suitor, Ted. (Who requests their aid when he wakes after a night of debauchery to discover a nasty slash on his forearm.)

For reasons unknown the lovelorn chap manages to elude the same fate, prior guests have suffered. And is given ample time to unearth unsettling clues that lead him to question his own safety. (Mainly the resurfacing nude corpses of gentleman callers appearing on the side of the road for the authorities to discover.)

Will our imperiled traveler's escape the murderous wrath of the bloodsucking seductresses? Or will they also fall victim to their insatiable appetites?

Just watch and see....

In Conclusion:

This film hypnotizes its viewers with many captivating visuals. From shapely nude bodies writhing around in ecstasy to shots of looming gothic estates covered in centuries worth of overgrown vegetation.
It exudes atmosphere and sensuality. Despite leaving some things open-ended and unexplained.
Overall, this movie comes highly recommended.

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