Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girl Boss Revenge (1973)


Komasa is a newly appointed Banchō of a group of rag tag reform school escapees,
christened the gypsies. Her looks and charisma garner her devoted allies.
Unfortunately, most of her followers seem pretty inept when it comes to actually committing criminal acts. Most of the time the girls only truly succeed in enraging rival gangs and intruding on their turf.

The gypsies beloved banchō eventually forms an alliance with an aspiring
adult film director, Ichiro. His close ties to the most powerful gang in the region,
the Hokuryukai make him a valuable ally.

Desperate for fresh faces to satisfy their pleasure seeking clientele. The Hokuryukai have
taken a liking to kidnapping female members from rival gangs. And forcing them to work
in their Turkish bathhouse. Immediately they set their sights on the gypsies and
another female gang dressed in seifuku. Lead by another fellow school girl runaway
and fierce sukeban, Maya.

Pissing off delinquent girl gangs is one thing, but attempting to force them into sexual slavery
or murdering their lovers and friends is only fuel for the ultimate revenge sukeban style.


A grand testament to female badassery.
Sukeban films are easily some of my favorite Japanese exploitation titles.
Complete with vicious girl fights, sleazy dealings and knife wielding beauties.
Notably the amazing, Reiko Ike!

What's not to love :P
Availability: I purchased this film as a double feature with the Sukeban title,
Delinquent Girl Boss: Blossoming Night Dreams (1970). This title can also
be purchased on it's own.

Price: Double feature (10-18$) On it's own (7-15$)

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rica (1972)


Rica's life has never been easy. Even her birth was consequence of her own
mother's sexual assault at the hands of an American G.I. The trauma having an unfortunate
rippling effect in Rica's life, as she is left to watch her only parent as she is reduced to a
drug addled prostitute, preferring to bring her johns back to her home,
usually with no recourse. That is until one of her male admirers has his way with Rica, repeating the cycle.

Only Rica prefers to revel in delinquency, opposed to grieving over her own violation.
Now head of an all girl gang, Rica ends up unintentionally crossing paths with various sketchy characters. Including, but not limited to, two timing mob bosses, and violent sukeban covered in tattoos.

The recent demise of one of her members, who opts to commit suicide
rather then give birth to a rival gang member's baby. This starts a fued between both gangs.
Except her rivals have the upper hand, distracting Rica with a back alley brawl.
Then kidnapping the rest of her gang's members.

Rica's only hope to save her friends is to appease her rivals by paying an outrageous
ransom with conveniently placed loop holes that make her forfeit the deal.
Her gang is then sent away on ships to be sold into the slave trade.
While Rica is sent to an all girl's reformatory, hell bent on escaping.


Hidden amongst a frenetic mess of a plot, lies some pretty impressive violence
and rock n' roll spirit. I do think the film could've been condensed down into something
pretty memorable, had it not been prolonged by unnecessary things.
Namely random characters and confusing plot padding. Although It's brief moments of surprising sadism make it worth checking out.

Our leading lady may be quite visually appealing and exotic. However, I think Rica lacks the acting abilities and charisma to truly carry a film like her fellow Pinky violence vixens. Even her singing voice is a bit...mediocre.

Availability: In print

Price: 5-16$

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Visiting Hours (1982)


Controversial speaker & journalist, Deborah Ballin unintentionally triggers a
mentally disturbed employee during the filming of a television program.
The taped segment shows Deborah discussing a polarizing case, involving a battered
housewife charged with murdering her husband. The woman claims her actions were in self defense.

Except Deborah's boss refuses to air the taping, on grounds that showing it live would only
enrage millions of viewers. Preferring instead to just enrage one person...Deborah.
Who storms out of the studio, and heads back to her home. Only to find a nice little
surprise in the form a hulking, knife wielding psychopath draped with her jewelry...

The unknown assailant attempts to kill her. Instead he only wounds her in a scuffle before
her battered body is found by a neighbor, and she is taken to a hospital, where she
still feels uneasy about her potential burglar.Who's agenda is definitely more personal.
Now that he's venturing into the hospital after visiting hours, brandishing his trusty blade.


Slasher film fans have seen this man before. Rendered impotent, prior disturbances and
trauma caused by his parents. Most notably his mother, reducing him to an
emasculated being that can only attain release by penetrating his female victims with
some sharp, phallic object. Yet despite being the typical slasher film stereotype, our killer
still exudes creepiness.

I also think that this film contains one of the most horrifying on screen demises.
Involving an innocent bed ridden elderly woman, having a tube supplying her with
vital oxygen sliced. While her killer sits on her bed, taking photographs as she slowly
succumbs to a painful demise. That is why I was filled with such a child like glee when
our woman in peril ends up being the one that penetrates.

Highly recommended!

Availability: The original pressing of this title has been out of print for quite some time.
However, in 2011 a double feature with this film & Bad Dreams (1988)
was released from Shout! Factory, and is still in print!

Price: 9-12$

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