Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Bedroom (1992)


Imagine a twin bed, adorned in black. The visage of television static super imposed on the wall directly behind it. It is here where women have the chance to leave their bodies, while nameless men subject them to various delights.

Whether it is the sight of oiled flesh, glistening under reddish hues, or bizarre men dressed in rubber who conceal their faces with gas masks. Or perhaps finally, the rental husband who hungrily sucks on his partner's toes all in front of the camera's gaze.

It is this club, called "The sleeping room", where Kyoko's curiosity gets the best of her.

Kyoko is a young wife, who participates in a daily video diary as preparation for her planned documentary on the sleeping pills, named Halcion. Which she believes are solely responsible for her younger sister's demise.

She becomes a member of the secret club, hoping to discover first hand what experiences her sister encountered while she was a member. The rules of the club are as follows, the women may never know the identities of their partners, and they can never partake of any scenario unless they are under the influence of halcion.

Kyoko abides by these rules at first, but then she promptly stops taking the halcion, and pretends to be in a deep sleep during her encounters. That is until female members of the club are found killed in the sleeping room.

Among the tumultuous relationships to unfold, whether it's Kyoko and her sister's ex-lover, or Kyoko and her husband, there is a lot more secrets that await you.

In Conclusion:

The film is very erotic. An array of fetish oddities are on display for your viewing pleasure.

The ending of the film is very haunting, despite the film itself being a little confusing.

My only complaints about the film, are that the subtitiles are hard to read at certain points of the movie, so I had to pause the dvd numerous times just so I could try to make out what is being said.

Regardless, this film is definately worth checking out.

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