Monday, August 27, 2012

Tokyo Decameron (1996)


In this mid 90s pink film, 3 debauched tales unfold. Each story concealing
some perverse, twisted reality. Our first kinky morsel, is titled "Two Women Named Mariko"

Two women with dissimilar backgrounds. Find commonality from sharing the same name.
Only that is where their likeness ends.

Mariko A touts a childhood injury as the crux for all of her problems.
Not only is she bossy and temperamental. Her tendency to control and torment
the meek, unassuming Mariko B. Sets the stage for their unique friendship.
One that is not what it appears to be on the surface.


Tale # 2 "Lesbian Dream"

After a lusty all girl's weekend culminates with the discovery of a
companion's bloodied corpse.The remaining women are left to question the events
that transpired the night before.

With the only drawback to the evening being the arrival of a seemingly naive
shoplifter, named Emi.Who after being subjected to the girl's various desires and whims.
Seems to have ample motive for murder.
Or does she?


Tale # 3 "The Man In the Pillory"

Another usual night of drunken excess ends with Shizuo waking
in an abandoned warehouse, confined to a chair with his mouth sealed with tape.
Thoughts of his past keep him company. Until a mysterious woman in red appears,
ready to spill all of his darkest secrets. Acts so unforgivable that not even
a bottle of spirits could bury them.


Opposed to tantalizing it's viewers. This film quickly becomes a showcase of odd scenarios.
Themes of sadomasochism and warped relationships seem to be the ongoing subject matter.
Each story getting increasingly darker as the movie progresses.

Even with the lack of sexy times. Which really seems odd, considering the inclusion of Japanese adult star, Kei Muzutani. The movie is still twisted enough to keep you entertained. It's just not very sexy...or original.

"The Man in the Pillory" being the film's highlight for me.

Availability:  This title is out of print, however, it can still be purchased from Amazon marketplace.

Price: 6-10$

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zoom In: Sex Apartments (1980)


Saeko has grown tired of her domestic regime. Leaping at the opportunity to
visit an old flame when her cyclist husband goes out of town.

On her way to her lover's apartment. Saeko is accosted and raped by a gloved madman,
brandishing a sharp implement. Saying nothing of the occurrence, she still reunites with her former beau. Their romance rekindled by a passionate tryst. Easily topping the ordinary, missionary fumblings of her husband.

Throughout their reconcilement the bodies of numerous young girls are found.
Disturbingly close to Saeko's boyfriend's apartment. A deranged killer with an appreciation
for barbequed lady parts. Is lighting the loins of his victims on fire.

As the murders increase, Saeko begins to notice an obvious change in the personality
of her companion. Making her suspect his knowledge of her own defilement,
when a similar sharp tool falls out of his work bag.


Ordinary women driven half mad after discovering untapped pleasures.
Seem to be a common theme in these films. And in a primal, visceral way it's easily understandable.

Stylish Italian thriller leanings and general absurdity make for a more then
memorable viewing experience.

That being said, this title is very highly recommended!

Availability: Released July 10th 2012, this title is still very much in print.

Price: 10-19$

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