Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Female Prisoner # 701: Scorpion (1972)


After yet another attempt to escape the confines of prison, Nami and a female accomplice are caught and thrown into solitary confinement. As a precautionary measure to further deter any more inmates from escaping, the guards decide to punish the entire female prison populace with food depravation and extreme laborious acts.

We find that three years before her incarceration, Nami was in love with a corrupt narcotics officer (Sugumi). Who after deflowering the willing Nami, manages to persuade her to aid him in a sting operation involving the Yakuza. Unable to convince the gangsters of the legitimacy of her presence, she is beaten and raped by the thugs, before Sugumi makes an appearance.

She finds that all along he was only deceiving her, using her as bait to extort the Yakuza for financial gain. The sequence of events fills Nami with such rage that she seeks retribution for her dishonor and attempts to attack Sugumi in the middle of the street with a sharp knife, before police intercept her and throw her in prison.

Still content in further torturing his ex-lover even though she is safely behind bars, Sugumi hires a fellow inmate and former drug mule (Katagiri) with promises of a reduced prison sentence if she murders Nami.
Unwilling to get her hands dirty, Katagiri decides to turn all the inmates against Nami, blaming her for their suffering and constant abuse. Until finally the cruel punishment forced on the inmates becomes too much and they start a revolt against the prison guards.

Will Nami ever escape and get her revenge, or will she become just another plaything for her disgruntled fellow prisoners?

In Conclusion:

I love the visuals in this film, all of the dramatic lighting and the way many scenes play out almost like the manga that is was originated from.

It still retains the characteristic sleaziness and violence of a WIP film, perhaps not as over the top. Regardless it is filled with beautiful visuals and a rather addictive opening song.
Highly reccommended, to fans of Pinku Eiga and WIP films.

Screen Captures: (All screen caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)