Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995)

"Fasten your drool cups and hold on to your vomit bags! We're going to the movies!"


Brayker is a drifter entrusted with the responsibility of protecting a holy object.
One that takes the form of a key adorned with 7 stars. The key is the last of 7 keys needed
by malevolent beings hell bent for world destruction. It also must be filled with the blood of it's
earthly guardian, usually in the advent of death, before it can be passed to another.
The blood within is the only thing that can combat the evil.

Any poor soul chosen, will be appointed with the vital task of keeping the key way from
the hellish creatures intent on bathing the world in darkness. And safeguarding the object
is far from an easy task. Brayker is constantly on the run from a entity in human form
known as, the collector, who wishes to possess the key.

His attempt to evade the collector and the police, leads Brayker to Wormwood, New Mexico.
Where he seeks refuge in a run down hotel filled with tenants from all walks of life.
His presence there endangers the hotel guests, who are not immediately aware of the fate
that has been assigned to them. Not until they are forced to stay in the hotel.
While hideous demons try their hardest to get inside.

The last person to survive the onslaught, will be given the task of guarding the key for an
undisclosed amount of time. Finally, releasing Brayker from his decades of running.
And that's only if they aren't possessed or massacred by the collector's demoniacal creations.

Lets see who makes it through the night ;)


I have always had a special place in my blackened little heart for this film.
I was about 9 or 10 when I saw it in the theater with my folks. Appropriate family viewing
it is not, but I will remain eternally grateful for the fact that my folks were and still are the
antithesis of the Cleavers.

Even with many nights filled with nightmares fueled by the endless monster mash
taking place in our living room. I wouldn't have it any other way ;)

This entertaining little piece of party fodder has it all. Stunning make-up effects.
Engaging characters. Nasty demons. Gore galore. And the right dose of humor, courtesy
of the delicious Billy Zane, as the collector.

I really fucking love this film!

Availability: Whether it's by itself (which I recommend, because Bordello of Blood
is absolute shite.) or as a double feature, this title still appears to be in print.

Price: 3-9$

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994)


The legend of Hull house still permeates the halls of St. Rita's high school. With Halloween looming some students decide to forgo a school dance for a little spooky holiday fun in the house of hell.

One of the students at the school happens to be Angela's sister, the recently orphaned, Melissa.
Christened "mouse" by the other girls in the dorm.

On the night of the festivities, Mouse is forced to attend her classmates holiday soiree. A shindig that starts off on a harmless note, until one of the attendants decides to reenact a black mass with Mouse as a sacrifice. A prank that is quickly spoiled, but not before Angela's demonic presence is enticed by her new party guests.

Once stirred, a few bumps in the night caused by her awakening send her visitors out the door.
While a majority of the group does manage to flee unscathed. One female attendee accidentally takes a souvenir from the home, in the form of a tube of lipstick. An item she unknowingly transports across the underground spring surrounding the property. Giving Angela ample opportunity to wreak havoc on the school campus.

"Save a little room for the holy ghost."


Even if this film is flawed in many ways, it does what it sets out to do.
Unfortunately, the comedy sometimes kills the mood, especially when the gags are unsuccessful.

The acting is also pretty questionable, namely the budding demonologist, Perry. Who's frequent Keanu Reeves-isms come off laughably bad. That in addition to the the fact that many of the actors look a little too old to be in high school ;)

Those minor complaints aside. This is still a fun, unpretentious party flick with some pretty impressive make-up effects. It's dated campy charm is still worth appreciating.

The infamous dancing scene is also re-created, yet rather then Bauhaus'-"Stigmata Martyr". We have the Morbid Angel song, "Rapture".

I have to say watching Angela and the students dancing and sashaying about to death metal is indeed a sight to behold.

Essential Halloween viewing!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Beyond (1986)


Dr.Pretorius and his assistant, Crawford Tillinghast have painstakingly constructed a machine known as, the resonator. This machine's sole function is to stimulate the pineal gland in the brain. Which is also considered to be a "third eye".

After a mishap with their creation, Crawford is sent to a psych ward claiming that the resonator conjured creatures that ate Dr. Pretorius' head. At first Crawford is considered to be your run of the mill paranoid schizophrenic. So the assistance of the beautiful Dr. Katherine McMichael's is requested to assess Crawford's mental capacity, before he is set to stand trial for the death of his partner.

Katherine is intrigued by Crawford's ravings and requests that he have a cat scan. The scan reveals that his pineal gland has increased in size, and with the presence of such startling evidence, she decides to recreate the experiments conducted at the Pretorius house. Hoping to find out first hand what the machine is capable of.

"It ate him...bit off his head like a gingerbread man!"


This film is indeed a classic. Riddled with pinkish-purplish hues, and gooey monstrosities. Along with Barbara Crampton, who looks quite lovely in bondage attire.

Seeing her and Jeffery together again after Re-Animator, with the inclusion of Ken Foree who is fucking amazing as Bubba. Is enough to make any horror film fan (girl) squeal.
Which I did, numerous times.

I was elated when this film finally received a proper DVD release in 2007. I did not hesitate to snatch it up!

This film is also now out of print. So get it before it's gone!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sex & Fury (1973)


Ocho is a skilled gambler and pick-pocket with a personal vendetta. As a child she watched while her father was mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of 3 unknown assailants. Clutched in his bloodied hand for her to discover were 3 picture cards bearing the images of different animals. These cards are the only remaining clues left to help identify his killers.

As an adult she is infused with the same determination as her father. Getting her first taste of carnage while visiting a local gambling house. Where a man is fatally wounded after being caught cheating during a card game. The man while in his death throes asks Ocho to take 50 million yen he had acquired for his sister to pay for her freedom, before she is sold into the sex trade. Her attempt to fulfill the dying man's wish leads her to the sleazy and corrupt, Iwakura. The purchaser of the man's virginal sister, Yuki.

Unfortunately for Ocho, Iwakura is not so willing to give up his new play thing without an entertaining wager. He agrees to safely release Yuki, if Ocho beats a renowned English gambler and secret spy, Christina during a costume ball. Inevitably she does after her American competition is distracted by her anarchistic lover, Shunosuke. Who's hell bent on killing Kurakawa, a man with political affiliations and Iwakura's co-conspirator in the death of Ocho's father.

Along with Ocho's quest to avenge her father, there is also another side plot involving star crossed lovers, Christina and Shunosuke. A pair that seemed doomed right from the start.

Let the sword play and arterial spray commence!


Watching Ocho galloping in the snow, completely nude with sword in hand while she slices through her prey with a graceful ferocity. Has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! She is sexy and cunning. These qualities make her quite a memorable Pinky Violence vixen.

The visual set pieces are superb! I also dug how most of the scenes featuring Christina Lindberg were filmed with a romantic soft focus.

This film is thoroughly entertaining and highly recommended!

Norifumi Suzuki never disappoints!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tesis (1996)


Angela is doing her thesis on audiovisual violence. In her pursuit for the obscene, she enlists the aid of a fellow classmate, Chema, who is renowned on campus for his taste in shock cinema. Along with Chema, she also requests the assistance of her film professor, Figueroa. Who ventures into the school's vast film library in search of the ultimate sensory assault for his student.

In his quest he ends up unearthing a celluloid atrocity that turns out to be too much for him. The tape causes Figueroa to fall victim to a fatal heart attack right in the screening room, where his body remains until Angela discovers his corpse the following day.

Curious about the contents of the tape, Angela takes it from the library for further analysis. Although, once alone with her object of fascination, she finds that she is unable to bring herself to watch it. So she completely darkens the color contrast of the screen, only leaving the audio.
And the horrifying shrieks and pleas for mercy from an unknown woman emanating from the tape terrify her.

Still determined to view the film. Angela requests the assistance of her fellow violent cinema connoisseur, Chema. Who agrees to watch the film with her.
After their initial viewing, Chema concludes that the acts taking place are real and that the woman being tortured and killed on film happens to be a fellow student that went missing 2 years ago. As if that wasn't enough, the camera used to film her demise, is a later model that was once carried in the University's film lab.

This disturbing conclusion turns Angela's simple research for her thesis into an all out investigation into the creation of the film. A task that could potentially cost them their lives.

In Conclusion:

This Spanish thriller is simply amazing!
With well over a 2 hour running time, I never wanted the film to end.

Chema has to be one of my favorite film characters, and is honestly someone that I would really hang out with. (The fact that he is a hot, bespectacled horror fiend also helps) His living area is completely plastered with horror film posters and images of the macabre. Also, the restrained chemistry between him and Angela happens to be one of my favorite things about this film. Even when Angela begins to have feelings for mysterious playboy, Bosco. I couldn't help but root for Chema, the eternal outsider.

I can't say enough about this film, it's thoroughly suspenseful and entertaining. So if you haven't seen it by now..what are you waiting for?!
A new digitally remastered version was released 2/8/11.

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