Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Living Dead Girl (1982)


With an adolescent blood oath forging an unbreakable bond between them, Helena and Catherine remain devoted to each other. Even with Catherine's recent demise.

Her body resides in a coffin, contained in the catacombs below her childhood home, a historic chateau that is currently on the market for sale. She remains there, until a pair of grave robbers who are also attempting to store barrels of toxic waste, awaken Catherine when an earth tremor knocks some of the barrels over. This causes the earth floor to absorb the sludge which re-animates the blonde beauty.

Once awoken from her sleep, Catherine finds that she has aquired a need for blood. And she ruthlessly dispatches whoever crosses her path, except Helena. Who once reunited with her companion takes on the responsibility of luring prey to the chateau just so her beloved can sustain herself.

Although it seems the more Catherine is left to regain her memories and the sensations of life. The more she willingly welcomes her new title as a bringer of death.

In Conclusion:

It's impressive that a film can be endearing and grotesque at the same time.
And this nightmarish tale soaked in vital fluids packs a real punch. One that stayed with me for days after my initial viewing.

It's a touching and melancholy film filled with beautiful women and shocking violence.

No lesbian fumblings this time around, guys. Just lots and lots of blood.

Highly recommended!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Local Heros (Audrey Campbell & Kroger Babb)

Audrey Campbell

Originally hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio.
This striking beauty is most well known for her portrayal of the
lesbian, vice queen, Olga.

Who appears in:

Olga's Girls (1964)
White Slaves of Chinatown (1964)
Olga's House of Shame (1964)

These films are considered to be some of the very first low-budget sexploitation
pictures of the 60s. (Also known as "Roughie" films.)

Although the acts depicted are considered quite tame
by today's standards. There are still landmarks in exploitation

She sadly passed in 2006.

(I will be reviewing the Olga Triple Feature for my print zine.)

Kroger Babb

From Lees Creek, Ohio.

Some of the very first exploitation films, were sex (or personal) hygiene pictures.These movies, with the notable inclusion of Mom & Dad (1945), which Babb produced. Where promoted and distributed with the zeal Babb was known for.

Babb also had a business relationship with renowned trash film king, David F. Friedman. Who cites his first encounter with Babb as the starting point to his interest in films.

Friedman passed away February 14th 2011 :(

Their business partnership and friendship is explored further in Friedman's book, A Youth in Babylon: Confessions of a Trash-Film King

This book is a must read for any that may be interested in the history of exploitation cinema.I know it is one of my personal favorites.

And this concludes today's history lesson, ladies and germs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

House (1986)


It has been three years since Roger Cobb's last novel. And with his own personal turmoil, which includes the disappearance of his young son, Jimmy being at the forefront of his writers block. Rodger decides to stay at his childhood home, left to him by his aunt who recently committed suicide.

Roger hopes that the solitude will give him a chance to work on his most recent novel. Which will delve into his time in Vietnam. Although, once he settles in, it appears as if the house itself is a living breathing entity. It begins to manifest visions of his son, along with conjuring some pretty nasty creatures that would only exist in one of his horror novels.

The longer he lingers in the home the more he seems to unravel.
But ex-wives, nosy neighbors and post traumatic stress are the least of his worries.

"Damn! I come back from the grave and run out of ammunition!"

In Conclusion:

I have many fond childhood memories of this film. I watched it obsessively with my father and three brothers as a kid. And after not seeing it for over a decade, I must say that it is still as badass as I remember it being!

The make-up FX and dashes of comedy really amp up the entertainment factor.

I really love this film, and it does make for a lovely trip down memory lane.

Oh, nostalgia :)

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ilsa The Wicked Warden (1977)


Abbie is a young woman concerned about the welfare of her missing sister, Rosa. And In an attempt to gather information, she crashes a private press conference held by the well respected Dr. Arcos.

The meeting is held by the medical board, who are unable to gather enough evidence against a notorious womens' clinic, Las Palomas. The same facility where Abbie's sister is a patient. There have been repeated glimpses at possible inhumane treatment taking place behind the closed doors of the clinic, which specializes in the rehabilitation of sexually deviant women.

The busty head Doctor, implements some rather barbaric treatments so she can rid her patients of their amorous behavior. The women are often subjected to her sadism, which she relishes with a merciless enthusiasm.

Many are disfigured or rendered catatonic by the excessive shock treatment. And others adapt to their environment by any means necessary. Even if that entails becoming the Doctor's personal pet and pin cushion.

Abbie holds Dr. Arcos at gunpoint, and insists that he admit her into the clinic under a false identity, fabricated to meet the clinic's criteria for sexual perversion. He reluctantly agrees to admit her for a month, allowing her a chance to investigate. And only under the condition that she become a key witness to the atrocities unfolding at Las Palomas.

With her aid they might be able to put a stop to their depravity.
But once in the belly of the beast, she will find out about the rampant corruption first hand.

Gimme gimme shock treatment!

"There is just one thing wrong with her. She's mad, raving mad!"

In Conclusion:

This film may not be an official entry in the Ilsa series, but it still remains a competent piece of W.I.P trash.

It is always glorious to see two of my favorite exploitation vixens in the same film together. That being the iconic Dyanne Thorne and Franco muse, Lina Romay (who I personally think looks hotter with short hair ;)

All of the women-in-prison staples are present! Shower scenes, lesbian fondlings and the ever present crack of a whip.

I fucking love this movie.
This film along with Exorcism (1979), Faceless (1987) and Diabolical Dr. Z (1966) have to be some of my favorite Franco films.

This title is currently OOP (but it is the cheapest film in the Ilsa trilogy. Ranging from about 20-25.00.)

Boy, am I glad that own the whole set, minus the Tigress of Siberia (1977) ;)

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love-Zero = Infinity (1994)


A lonely drifter reeling from a recent break up, begins to follow random strangers he encounters while walking the streets of Tokyo. His longing for a human connection leads him to a pair of nihilistic teens.

The couple find solace in a landfill, where they entertain their curious spectator with tales of blood games. And with a current string of vampyric murders being publicized and broadcasted, Takeshi begins to have romanticized views on the subject.

Currently oblivious to his forthcoming encounter with a woman who only feeds his dark obsessions. Takeshi is asked by a doctor to spy on his wife. A striking woman who wears a black over-coat and large framed sunglasses, while she roams around the city. Her currently exhibited bizarre behavior alarms her significant other, who believes that her after work activities may have murderous intent.

And the mysterious fem, may very well be what Takeshi has been looking for.
A modern day vampire.

"Do you want a red drug which takes you on a trip to the other world?"

In Conclusion:

This film left me in a daze, with it's hallucinatory and bleak vibe.
The frequent wide shots of Tokyo streets, only added to the feeling of being small.

Hisayasu Sato's films always leave a lasting impression on me. As always, it is hard for me to decide what I love more about his work, the fetishistic sex or the morose characters.

This haunting take on the vampire, is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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