Monday, June 27, 2011

Erotic Diary Of An Office Lady (1977)


Asami is a 24 year old office worker operating in an environment that serves as the perfect backdrop for the myriad sexual trysts occurring between her fellow employees. While she does not participate in the illicit activities at work, she has no problem partaking in them when she's off the clock, during her secret rendevouz with her lover and boss.

Their relationship seems based solely on various sexual escapades. And quickly stagnates once she approaches a crossroads in her life where she wants something more, and comes to the painful realization that her partner has no intentions of furthering their romance to anything more significant then fucking.

Her life is complicated further, with her father's insistence that she meet and marry a man of
his choosing. This in addition to the sudden appearance of a peculiar man, with a stall on the streets that sells baby chicks. This man also reveals feelings for her after they have several chance meetings. This confession also includes a proposal for Asami to move with him to another city.

Challenged by the various options to determine her prospective future, Asami is faced with several difficult decisions. Yet her dwindling interest in her boss, still does not discourage his attempts to spoil her chances at a more fulfilling life, out of selfish need.

I wonder how it all pans out ;)


This is definitely borderline chick flick material and the ending depressed the hell out of me. In a way it almost reminded me of the film Smithereens (1982) with it's overall morose feeling.

That being said, I still really enjoyed it. The film redeemed itself with it's infusion of beautifully filmed sex scenes and relatable plot.

Availability: In print, if purchased on it's own. Outside of the Debauched Desires boxset.

Price: This title is probably the cheapest in the lot, 10-26$

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wife To Be Sacrificed (1975)


While enjoying a casual stroll, Akiko runs into her estranged husband of 3 years.
A former grade school teacher on the run, after being charged with molesting one of his female students.

Akiko averts her gaze, and with hurried steps attempts to avoid conversing with her spouse.
Only to be baited several blocks away by his accomplice, a young girl she encounters
on the street crying hysterically while calling for her "Ojisan".

The police intervene and take the girl into custody and confirm that she was kidnapped and sexually abused.

Robbed of his companion, Akiko's husband decides to pay her a visit with
malicious intentions. He abducts her and takes her to a remote abandoned house where
he once stayed with his young captive. There he methodically torments Akiko.
Suspending her from ropes, penetrating her with lit candles and burning her with
scolding hot wax ( to name a few sadistic acts in a twisted scenario filled with many
perversions and humiliations.)

At first, Akiko endures his savagery until she too becomes a participant in her keepers debauchery.

Finally, two young lovers discovered unconscious in a cave, after living through a failed
double suicide end up as their unwilling guests. And the corruptions of the flesh that
await them will test the limits of their love and sanity.


This movie does not veer from shocking subject matter, including child molestation and kinky sex practices. Bondage, humiliation, voyeurism, enemas and forced defecation are some of the various deviant acts emblazoned on the screen. And a vast majority of the sex is actually pretty hot, minus the butt play, vag burning with candle wax, and kid touching.

This film also shares many similarities with Flower & Snake (1974).
Obviously, the presence of the graceful and sexy, Naomi Tani.
Who is perfection in a traditional kimono. And the reoccurring theme of breaking
someone's will and molding them into a junky for perversion.

Highly recommended viewing for Japanese sexploitation fans and pervs alike!

Availability: This film is definitely the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, it is the most
expensive to purchase. 2001 & 2003 pressings are available on Amazon.
While the 2007 repress can still be found on EBAY.

Price: For older pressings (30-85+) for the 2007 pressing (25-50$)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wounded Man: The White Haired Demon

Wounded Man (Volumes 1-9)
Years: 1982-1986
Written: Kazuo Koike
Illustrated: Ryoichi Ikegami


This manga is sadly very under appreciated. It seems that readers are so hung up on the author's prior works, Lone Wolf and Cub. That they tend to compare the two, when they have absolutely nothing in common.

And those that complain about the over abundance of misogyny, sex and nudity. Apparently, never made it past the first volume.

The story revolves around the vengeance driven Keisuke Baraki. Who's sukeban lover commits suicide after they are forced to make pornographic films for GPX, a mob run adult film distributor. After witnessing her death, his hair turns white and he seeks refuge in the Amazon Jungle, where he mines for gold and diamonds. Hoping to procure enough to buy his way into the corporation, so he can dismantle it from the inside.

Which he ultimately does, after befriending tribe leaders, and constructing a boat so he can smuggle billions of dollars worth of diamonds in the bodies of snakes. On top of surviving myriad encounters with double crossing individuals, nymphet porno film directors and two resourceful and dangerous Vietnam Vets.

During his adventure, he encounters the beautiful and virginal reporter, Yuko. Who he rapes in an attempt to persuade her to leave the country and all of it's potential dangers. A vile act that only backfires and the two eventually become devoted lovers. It's actually kind of sweet in a deranged way.

Through the 9 volumes, Keisuke acquires several different female companions. Unfortunately, the women usually meet untimely ends. My personal favorite of the bunch is the 16 year old assassin, Misty. Who's murderous compulsions and creativity are wondrous to behold! The braided pig tails also help ;)

Indeed, there is many a panel filled with nudity and creative sexual positions. Hell, I was pretty fascinated by one scene where two adult film actors are fucking on Jet skis. Ha! Amazing!

All of that grand and glorious smut aside this is actually a really fascinating and beautifully illustrated Manga. The women especially, are drawn with such painstaking detail, I couldn't help but scan a few pages from my own personal volumes. Keisuke isn't too bad on the eyes either.

I love this Manga!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (Movie Edition) (1989)

"Once every three thousand years, the chojin, also known as the overfiend, will be reincarnated."


There exists three separate worlds for man, demon and beast. These seemingly dissimilar universes are said to collide into undivided terrene ripe with uncertainty once the destructive Chojin is resurrected. The inhabitants of the demon and beast worlds are more then content with the way things are, and will stop at nothing to keep the Chojin from being born.

Amano is a man beast stationed on earth, disguised as a high school student. He has waited 300 thousand years for the appearance of the fated Chojin. The possibilities of a new world fascinate Amano and influence his quest to find and aid the Overfiend.

His keen senses detect a possible demon presence omitting from adored high school Adonis, Ozaki. A skilled athlete, coveted by all of the girls at the high school. However, this seemingly perfect candidate distracts Amano from the true beast, the meek object of ridicule, Nagumo. A fellow classmate with a penchant for peeping into the girl's locker room, so he can spy on his object of affection, the beautiful and lithe, Akemi.

Since Nagumo does not fit the criteria, Amano refuses to acknowledge him as a chojin. But, his sister, Megumi, senses him right from the start.

There are also several side plots in the mix. One involving Amano and his rival, Suikakujū, the lover of the queen of demons. And Niki, a student with a crush on Akemi that makes a painful bargain with Suikakujū's minions. A pact that forces him to cut off his penis so he can reattach a large demon phallus, that is given to him with the promise that it will infuse him with immense power. Making him Suikakujū's chosen.

Amongst all of this chaos, an endearing love story also unfolds, between Nagumo
and Akemi. Who is convinced that Nagumo saved her from a multi-appendaged beast
intent to ravage her. Only their adolescent love is destined for disaster. When Nagumo
is unable to control the consuming destructive power running through him.

Just what kind of beast is the overfiend, anyway? A messiah for change? Or a figure of unending carnage.

You'll just have to watch and see ;)


While this may seem to be the perfect ammunition for a masturbation session, it is so much more then animated smut.

The plot is epic and involving. Extraordinary beings exist and battle hideous beasts in a nightmarish world heading straight for the apocalypse. You throw in gratuitous violence, nudity and sex and you have a perfect adult animated feature.

Unfortunately, this version of the anime is the 3 OAVS combined into an hour and 45 minute feature film. The more explicit sexual scenes have been removed and padded with additional footage. Sorry guys, no penetration or explicitly rendered genitalia. There are still many sex scenes present, they are just the animated equivalent of soft core.

Personally, even with the explicit sex extracted. I still found this to be an absolutely amazing viewing experience. One that I will not soon forget.

Availability: The most complete version of the Urotsukidoji series is the out of print Perfect Collection, released in 2000 by Central Park Media. It doesn't appear too difficult to find, just be prepared to thrown down some serious cash for a copy. The title usually goes for a pretty hefty sum for around 150-400$. As for the 2010 movie edition, it is still readily available.

Price: I'm afraid it's collector's prices for the 2000 Private Collection, but the movie edition, despite lacking what Hentai fans crave (the explicit sex scenes). There is still ample amounts of violence and carnage.
(12-22$) There is also a Blu-ray edition (15-36$)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

We're Going To Eat You (1980)


On a remote island, the locals have acquired an insatiable taste for human flesh.
Men clad in masks who also brandish large sharp implements, target any tourists or visitors.
Their captives always taken back to the town's butcher shop. Where they are carved up
and served to the locals.

The island's chief of police and his subordinates get a larger portion then the residents, causing civil unrest over the rationing of the meat.

Enter Agent number 999, sent to the hidden locale as a civil service. His primary objective is to arrest the renowned bandit, Rolex. Said to be hidden somewhere on the island.
While searching for his appointed target Agent 999 remains oblivious to the islanders ill intentions
and desires to want to eat him for supper.

Will he escape alive? Or will 999 be just another snack for the villagers on Cannibal Island?


This is another prime example of HK weirdness. A comedy loaded with entertaining fight scene choreography. That just happens to involve cannibals.

While the mask wearing butchers do look rather imposing, the constant infusion of goofiness definitely counters the films chance of exuding any authentic terror. Which I have a feeling was never the intention.

Nonetheless, this is still a fun and interesting title.
If not for one particular scene, when a pickpocket desperately tries to avoid being raped by a gargantuan woman (obviously a man in drag), only to find that his efforts in no way impede on her yearnings for his body.

Availability: In Print

Price: 2-8$

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