Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wounded Man: The White Haired Demon

Wounded Man (Volumes 1-9)
Years: 1982-1986
Written: Kazuo Koike
Illustrated: Ryoichi Ikegami


This manga is sadly very under appreciated. It seems that readers are so hung up on the author's prior works, Lone Wolf and Cub. That they tend to compare the two, when they have absolutely nothing in common.

And those that complain about the over abundance of misogyny, sex and nudity. Apparently, never made it past the first volume.

The story revolves around the vengeance driven Keisuke Baraki. Who's sukeban lover commits suicide after they are forced to make pornographic films for GPX, a mob run adult film distributor. After witnessing her death, his hair turns white and he seeks refuge in the Amazon Jungle, where he mines for gold and diamonds. Hoping to procure enough to buy his way into the corporation, so he can dismantle it from the inside.

Which he ultimately does, after befriending tribe leaders, and constructing a boat so he can smuggle billions of dollars worth of diamonds in the bodies of snakes. On top of surviving myriad encounters with double crossing individuals, nymphet porno film directors and two resourceful and dangerous Vietnam Vets.

During his adventure, he encounters the beautiful and virginal reporter, Yuko. Who he rapes in an attempt to persuade her to leave the country and all of it's potential dangers. A vile act that only backfires and the two eventually become devoted lovers. It's actually kind of sweet in a deranged way.

Through the 9 volumes, Keisuke acquires several different female companions. Unfortunately, the women usually meet untimely ends. My personal favorite of the bunch is the 16 year old assassin, Misty. Who's murderous compulsions and creativity are wondrous to behold! The braided pig tails also help ;)

Indeed, there is many a panel filled with nudity and creative sexual positions. Hell, I was pretty fascinated by one scene where two adult film actors are fucking on Jet skis. Ha! Amazing!

All of that grand and glorious smut aside this is actually a really fascinating and beautifully illustrated Manga. The women especially, are drawn with such painstaking detail, I couldn't help but scan a few pages from my own personal volumes. Keisuke isn't too bad on the eyes either.

I love this Manga!


Drunketh said...

I'm a fan already!

Phantom of Pulp said...

A favorite of mine, too. Stunning illustrations. Original storyline.