Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wife To Be Sacrificed (1975)


While enjoying a casual stroll, Akiko runs into her estranged husband of 3 years.
A former grade school teacher on the run, after being charged with molesting one of his female students.

Akiko averts her gaze, and with hurried steps attempts to avoid conversing with her spouse.
Only to be baited several blocks away by his accomplice, a young girl she encounters
on the street crying hysterically while calling for her "Ojisan".

The police intervene and take the girl into custody and confirm that she was kidnapped and sexually abused.

Robbed of his companion, Akiko's husband decides to pay her a visit with
malicious intentions. He abducts her and takes her to a remote abandoned house where
he once stayed with his young captive. There he methodically torments Akiko.
Suspending her from ropes, penetrating her with lit candles and burning her with
scolding hot wax ( to name a few sadistic acts in a twisted scenario filled with many
perversions and humiliations.)

At first, Akiko endures his savagery until she too becomes a participant in her keepers debauchery.

Finally, two young lovers discovered unconscious in a cave, after living through a failed
double suicide end up as their unwilling guests. And the corruptions of the flesh that
await them will test the limits of their love and sanity.


This movie does not veer from shocking subject matter, including child molestation and kinky sex practices. Bondage, humiliation, voyeurism, enemas and forced defecation are some of the various deviant acts emblazoned on the screen. And a vast majority of the sex is actually pretty hot, minus the butt play, vag burning with candle wax, and kid touching.

This film also shares many similarities with Flower & Snake (1974).
Obviously, the presence of the graceful and sexy, Naomi Tani.
Who is perfection in a traditional kimono. And the reoccurring theme of breaking
someone's will and molding them into a junky for perversion.

Highly recommended viewing for Japanese sexploitation fans and pervs alike!

Availability: This film is definitely the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, it is the most
expensive to purchase. 2001 & 2003 pressings are available on Amazon.
While the 2007 repress can still be found on EBAY.

Price: For older pressings (30-85+) for the 2007 pressing (25-50$)

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