Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet Movie (1974)


The film revolves around two female leads, Miss Monde Winner: Miss Canada, and murderous boat captain, Anna Planet.

For the Miss Monde (or Miss World) competition, each contestant is asked to endure a gynecological exam, live on national television to prove their chastity. (One of the only requirements necessary to win the competition.) The winner of Miss World is to receive 50 billion dollars, and is to be wed to the competitions financial backer Mr. Kapital who's empire thrives on the production and distribution of milk.

The winner of the competition, Miss Canada is whisked away with her new spouse, who when consummating their marriage thoroughly sanitizes his bride with his favorite product, iso-propylene alcohol, before traumatizing the girl with his golden member.

Unable to satisfy her partner, and dissatisfied with the current state of things, Miss Canada after mentioning the possibility of divorce, Mr. Kapital's mother has her stuffed into a suitcase by a bodybuilder and ships her off to Paris. There she falls head over heels for a famous Latin singer, whom she entices and has sex with on the Eiffel Tower before a group of Nuns try to photograph the singer, causing the man to spasm with embarrassment, forcing the two to remain stuck together mid-coitus.

After such an embarrassing display, Miss World is left in a catatonic state and finds herself in a bizarre commune, where its members partake of mass quantities of food, followed by group vomiting and defecation which then leads the participants to proudly display their stool on plates for an excited audience. (A sight that has to be seen to be believed.)

As for our other character, Anna Planet, who's impressive boat resembles the likeness of Karl Marx, and on the inside houses baskets full of candy and a bed made entirely of sugar. (A novelty she uses to lure men and boys on to her ship, before seducing them and dispatching them.)

Anna happens to be a product of lust for a local sailor who after myriad attempts to board her ship, finally catches her attention when he drops "trou" and pisses in full view of the female captain. The two become lovers, before Anna eventually stabs him and buries him in her sugar bed.

In Conclusion:

Unfortunately, Anna's story was a little bit more difficult for me to follow, and had a resounding political tone. I recommend multiple viewings of the film to ensure that nothing is missed and for clarification of any nonsensical things that occur (which there are many.)

There is a lot of symbolism that unfortunately, because arthouse films are not a common purchase for me, come off as a bit difficult to decipher, but that does not mean that a casual film oddity fan cannot enjoy this film purely based on visuals alone.

It can be appreciated for it's brand of absurd comedy and shocking imagery. (The footage of Anna Planet seducing a group of young boys with an erotic dance, is something many people may find offensive.) Also, almost all bodily functions are on display in this film, so if the sight of fecal matter, vomit, snot, etc, disgusts you, perhaps this film should be avoided.

Overall, I still thoroughly enjoyed this film. I have never seen anything like it, and now that I have I would love to see more films of this kind.

Screen Captures: (Please Note, all screen caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)