Thursday, December 18, 2008

Human Lanterns (1982)


Affluent rivals Lung and Tan challenge each other in an upcoming New Years Lantern making contest. Their announcements are made at a public ceremony Tan's throwing in honor of his upcoming engagement to the beautiful Yen-Chu (a known prostitute and Lung's former lover).

The thought of nuptial bliss between Tan his eternal enemy and Yen-Chu fills Lung with rage and entices him to request the services of a former opponent Chung-Fang, who was left humiliated and permanently scarred, after Lung challenged him to a fight when they both sought the love of the same woman. The woman in question (Jin) is now Lung's wife.

Chung-Fang is able to conceal his vengeful thoughts long enough to gain Lung's trust with the promise of the lantern's completion come the time of the contest, but he still seeks revenge, so Chung-Fang decides to use a special material for his award winning lanterns, the soft, youthful skin of various unwilling female victims, all whom have various relationships linking them with Lung's rival Tan.

Will Lung discover Chung-Fang's plot for revenge, or will all the beautiful women in this film meet a ghastly end!?

Let the skin peeling begin!

In Conclusion:

This action-horror film is filled with atmosphere, beautiful scenery and equally beautiful women. Certain action scenes are well choreographed and exciting, while the film does occasionally slip into long winded tangents that detract from the viewing experience.

Overall it is a pretty decent watch, I would recommend as a possible rental before purchasing.

I am however, looking forward to the release of another Shaw Brother's Film "Seeding of a Ghost".

Screen Captures: (All screen caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)