Friday, March 8, 2013

Memorably Messy On-Screen Demises (09)

I thought I would inject a little class into this whole affair, by including a film from
French genius, Jean Rollin. Known more for his dreamy lesbian vampires,
then gore. This film, however, is one of a few exceptions.

The Living Dead Girl (1982) 

Helene and Catherine are best friends, except Catherine is a bit on the undead side.
With a restrictive diet consisting of human flesh. So, Helene being the good friend she is,
opts to help her troubled friend, by leading an array of victims to the dinner table.

Catherine eventually grows tired of this arrangement.
Preferring to consume Helene instead.

What a lovely way to express one's undying affection, then with a little
throat munching action.

After all, you only eat the ones you love ;)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Memorably Messy On-Screen Demises (08)

Tom Savini is easily one of the best make-up effects artists to ever exist!
Supplying myriad noteworthy horror and slasher films with memorable characters
and equally unforgettable deaths.

In addition, to being the supreme master of all manner of  head and neck mutilations.
Here is an homage to my favorite double-barreled demise ;)

Maniac (1980)

Anyone with immense interest in slasher films, is already aware of the supreme greatness
of this death. A slow motion shot gun blast to the head, delivered by an unhinged serial
killer. With an affinity for mannequins, heavy breathing...and lady scalps.

Tom Savini was cast to play the unfortunate fellow on the receiving end of
of Joe Spinell's shotgun. In the book Grande Illusions (Vol 1), Savini recalls
this particular scene;

"One of the most "interesting" effects for me was
blasting my own head off with a double-barreled shotgun."

"This effect, for me, was the closest I've ever come
to the feeling of having committed a cold-blooded murder.
When the effect was over, I actually felt like I had killed
somebody, and to top it all off, it was ME I was killing!"

On a random note: This was definitely one of the most difficult deaths to screen cap.
With the immense amount of brain matter and chunks of skull littering the screen.
This scene is definitely best observed in motion :P