Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Demon's Baby (1998)


"Five Ghosts Tao" are 5 malicious immortal spirits worshipped
by a group of individuals, know as the Lotus sect.
These spirits prefer to make their homes inside the bodies of pregnant women.

If any of the pregnant women give birth to one of the 5 demon children,
the child's presence signals the world's end.
As a precaution, the Lotus sect place the restless spirits into antique vases.
Watched over by a golden Buddha that is placed near their vicinity.
The statue seems to be the only thing that will keep them in their vessels.

These 5 accursed objects are rediscovered later in an excavation
by General Hsu and his men. Hsu decides to take the items back to his home,
just in time for his 4th bride's arrival.

There is noticeable dissension brewing in the household.
Included in the mix is Hsu's top ranked official, Lee,
who commits many offenses against his master.
Not only does he bed one of Hsu's wives, he accidentally kills a handmaid
who is found spying. Yet that is not his most unforgivable offense.
Lee also swaps the golden Buddha statue with a fake, so that he can sell the real one for profit.

As for the murdered handmaid who's death is unsolved.
A taoist priest is hired to give her a proper burial.
Except Hsu's staff, including his personal chef, Day-Six (yes, that is his name :P)
quickly find just how inept the priest is at performing his duties.
The only thing he succeeds in doing is angering her spirit with water, causing her dead corpse to rise.

Fortunately, a strange exorcist they encounter in the woods comes to their rescue.
Right away, Day-six knows that this man's assistance will be needed
sooner rather then later. When all of Hsu's wives end up pregnant at the same time.


This film is undoubtedly weird, but that is also what makes it awesome.
Ancient traditions meet outrageous displays of the supernatural.
Cursed wives with toothy, open mouths for stomachs munching on people's heads,
mingle convincingly with flying demon babies & Anthony Wong as a very creative exorcist.

Hell, there's even a sweet, romantic sub-plot involving Hsu's chef, Day-Six.
And his favorite hand maid and proposed 5th wife, Little Fish.

So, really this film has a little bit of everything for everyone.
General outlandishness. Old school make-up and gore effects.
The supremely demented Anthony Wong, etc,etc, etc.

I love this movie!

Availability: Amazon seems to be the only online retailer I can find
that is still selling copies of this film, so snatch it up while you can!

Price: 4-14$

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Penetration Angst (2003)


Most girls experience some form of shame and discomfort regarding their sexual organs.
Only Helen's fears regarding her own privates are totally founded.

The unwelcome advances of her boyfriend initiate a series of events.
Starting with his own demise, after he rapes Helen.
Leaving only his clothes in his wake.

Now, Helen seems entirely convinced that her vagina somehow gobbled him up.

Her adventure continues the following day, on a trip to the Gynecologist office.
Of course, her doctor is less then professional.
Drugging her on the examining table, so he can have his way with her prone body.
Pretty much, signing his death warrant.

Even Helen's dear ole step daddy has wandering hands.
Leaving her stalker, Dennis as the only reliable male influence in her life.

Overwhelmed by her current situation, Helen leaves town.
Moving to London to start off her new profession as a prostitute.
She has to keep her minge satisfied, after all.
It's constant demands to be fed, make it virtually impossible for Helen
to concentrate on anything else.
This obviously puts her in various dangerous and compromising positions.

Her stalker, Dennis also decides to make a trip to Landon town,
hoping to find her. Instead he experiences his own "penetration angst"
when he crosses paths with a pair of conjoined twins, Sonia & Silvia.

Will this damaged duo ever be reunited?


Films about monstrous genitals are always an amusing viewing experience.
This film is no exception. Even if it suffers from a very low budget.
Minimal make-up effects, force the viewer to use their imagination for some of
the death scenes. I believe those things where very common complaints with this film.

The acting is also a little amateurish, but far from being intolerably bad.
I think the plot and characters (namely, Sonia & Silvia) were
just bizarre enough to keep me entertained.

Plus, there are a few outrageous scenes that are worth checking out.
If the movie's budget can be overlooked.

Availability: It's region 1 press can be purchased under the title "Angst".
Amazon and ebay would be the go to sellers to purchase a copy.
For region 2, the film has it's original title, "Penetration Angst".
There are several different UK pressings.

Price: 3-14$ (This title can still be procured for cheap. It's the brand new copies
that fetch a 14-20$ price tag.)

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Rillington Place (1971)


If you happen to be a woman seeking medical alternatives for debilitating illness.
Reginald Christie is not the person you want to go to.
In fact, any appointment with him will certainly be your last.

As for his new, groundbreaking health treatments. They're a gas!
No, really. It's domestic gas harvested from a line in his home.
The gas is administered through a homemade breathing mask.
Rendering his "patients" unconscious, allowing him the opportunity to get his kicks before strangling them to death.

Christie later buries the bodies in one of two places, his backyard or within the walls
of his home that he often rents rooms out of. Making it the perfect ploy to lure more victims.
Which brings us to the Evans' family.

Timothy Evans along with his wife Beryl and their young daughter,
see the ad for Mr. Christie's rental space.
Being that Timothy is an undereducated man, barely clinging to the job he currently has.
The young couple settle for the run down space.
Where they are immediately greeted with a troubling dilemma.
Beryl finds that she is pregnant again, with a child they cannot afford.
This makes her desperate to have an abortion.

Christie gets wind of their predicament, and offers his services to Beryl.
Along with reassurance that his trials in the world war's 1 & 2,
have left him with ample experience in the medical field. Especially in regards to "terminations."

That certainly does not bode well, does it? ;)


This film is so many different degrees of wrong, I don't know where to start.
But, I'll try! :P

1. Art imitates life in this movie. These events really occurred.
John Christie actually existed, killing around 8 women.

2. Timothy Evans' botched trial and execution actually contributed to the UK's abolishment of the death penalty in the 60s. So, if you know anyone who's still all for capitol punishment. Show them this film.

3. Imagine the jovial, almost santa-esque creator of Jurassic park (Richard Attenborough) being a genuinely creepy, madman. Convulsing with pleasure as he's torturing his female victims.

Without being over the top with it's depictions of violence or sex,
this feature still exudes an oppressive creepiness.
It's roots in reality also make it extremely disturbing.

This British classic is highly recommended viewing!

Availability: Thankfully, this title is available from a multitude of online retailers.

Price: 13-17$ (which is nothing, considering this is a classic!)

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981)


A phone call from the police made on behalf of a delinquent former student, is all it takes
to throw Sakiko's life completely out of order.
Confused as to why she would be deemed guardian for a pupil
she has no recollection of teaching. She still agrees to go to the police station,
hoping that their subsequent meeting will unveil any clues.

Once released, the troubled Sueko openly expresses her feelings
about her irresponsible behavior. The main topic of conversation
details her past time of picking up random nameless men.
After she becomes addicted to the affection the lavish on her.

Although, Sueko's habit of reminiscing over her former life in Sakata Mines,
always seems to put the pin the the party hog, as far as her male suitors are concerned.

Sueko isn't the only one who remembers her time at Sakata, either.
Sakiko also recalls her time there all too well.
After all it was the backdrop to her sexual assault at the hands
of a masked offender, smelling of paint thinner.
A man she clearly recalls identifying in a police line up.

Unfortunately, repeated meetings with Sueko unearth possibilities that she
might have picked the wrong man.

Now Sakiko is compelled to do absolutely anything to make amends.


I was really surprised by the overtly feminine sensibilities in this film, and how they are
totally undeterred by the frequent erotic scenarios.

There is a rhyme and reason for both female central character's sexual dysfunctions.
These situations are explored in both a sympathetic and exploitative way.
Making this a a surprisingly involving film.

As for the scenarios in question, there is a definite improvement in the believability
(and creativity) of the actions taking place. That being said,
this film is not as filthy or as smutty as I would have liked, but what it lacks
in that department it makes up for with it's plot and characters.

Hopefully my mentioning of plot does not turn anyone off ;)

Availability: This title was recently released September 2012, and it is
readily available from plenty of retailers. So let's show Impulse Pictures our
support by buying these amazing films!

Price: 10-16$

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