Sunday, November 18, 2012

Penetration Angst (2003)


Most girls experience some form of shame and discomfort regarding their sexual organs.
Only Helen's fears regarding her own privates are totally founded.

The unwelcome advances of her boyfriend initiate a series of events.
Starting with his own demise, after he rapes Helen.
Leaving only his clothes in his wake.

Now, Helen seems entirely convinced that her vagina somehow gobbled him up.

Her adventure continues the following day, on a trip to the Gynecologist office.
Of course, her doctor is less then professional.
Drugging her on the examining table, so he can have his way with her prone body.
Pretty much, signing his death warrant.

Even Helen's dear ole step daddy has wandering hands.
Leaving her stalker, Dennis as the only reliable male influence in her life.

Overwhelmed by her current situation, Helen leaves town.
Moving to London to start off her new profession as a prostitute.
She has to keep her minge satisfied, after all.
It's constant demands to be fed, make it virtually impossible for Helen
to concentrate on anything else.
This obviously puts her in various dangerous and compromising positions.

Her stalker, Dennis also decides to make a trip to Landon town,
hoping to find her. Instead he experiences his own "penetration angst"
when he crosses paths with a pair of conjoined twins, Sonia & Silvia.

Will this damaged duo ever be reunited?


Films about monstrous genitals are always an amusing viewing experience.
This film is no exception. Even if it suffers from a very low budget.
Minimal make-up effects, force the viewer to use their imagination for some of
the death scenes. I believe those things where very common complaints with this film.

The acting is also a little amateurish, but far from being intolerably bad.
I think the plot and characters (namely, Sonia & Silvia) were
just bizarre enough to keep me entertained.

Plus, there are a few outrageous scenes that are worth checking out.
If the movie's budget can be overlooked.

Availability: It's region 1 press can be purchased under the title "Angst".
Amazon and ebay would be the go to sellers to purchase a copy.
For region 2, the film has it's original title, "Penetration Angst".
There are several different UK pressings.

Price: 3-14$ (This title can still be procured for cheap. It's the brand new copies
that fetch a 14-20$ price tag.)

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


jervaise brooke hamster said...

Toxaemia, how can a film be good if it comes from Britain ! ?, thats a ludicrous and absurd contra-twat-tion in terms because ALL British movies are unwatchable abominations.

Toxaemia said...

Well, opinions are like assholes aren't they? Everyone has one ;)

You should make your own blog. One that you can fill with lists of girls you'd like to bugger. Or make odes to underage actresses with the big tits.
If you can't find content out there you like, make your own :P

As for my enjoyment of British film, I have no shame about it. The films are often grittier, more realistic and the director's have no problem offing off the entire cast.

That sells it for me right there.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Toxaemia (dreamgirl) i`d love to start my own blog and list all the things you girl-tioned but i dont have the technical knowledge of computers to achieve it. By the way, its specifically and exactly that supposed gritty and realistic quality that British films have that makes them so out-moded and unwatchable. I prefer the science-fiction, fantasy, and horror blockbusters produced by Hollywood. Britain is still making the same unimaginative crap that it was producing 50 years ago, watch films from anywhere else in the world little darlin` but always steer well clear of British made garbage, OK.