Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eros School: Feels So Good (1977)


Ryu may be a recent addition to the student population at Eros High,
but he has already left a definitive mark on his female classmates.

Less then savory ambitions have him plundering his peers, and most of
the time it's against their will. Only the choicest in female flesh is sampled.
Leaving the school's beloved track star, Misa. (A recent victim to salacious rumors
questioning her sexual pursuasion, given her inate athletic skills.)
As the only attractive female student left who's managed to allude his wandering hands.

Making Ryu as determined as ever to deflower the school's track star.
Will he succeed? ;)


I was more then a little disappointed by the lackluster sex scenes.
The main male participant in the film does not even remove his pants before molesting
his female victims. Making the on screen antics less then believable.

One would think that the constant parade of rape would be enough to offend most people.
Additional distasteful scenarios involving bestiality and period blood, also add
a lurid sleazy touch. Only the film is really too goofy and casual to be truly offensive.

Although the ending is definitely.....yeah, I'll leave it at that ;)

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Price: 14-19$

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