Monday, October 29, 2012

Demon Beast Invasion - Tentacle Trap (Vols. 1-2) (1990)


Vol. 1

Shinichi Kasu and his juvenile sidekick, Muneto are appointed agents of an interplanetary
observation agency. Which more or less means a secret alien fighting organization

A race of strange demonoid beings have managed to infiltrate Earth.
Only they cannot take the atmosphere. This forces these creatures to trying mixing
their genes with human ones. Of course the only way for them to do that is by ravishing a female host.

The beast then targets the Shomei college, since the campus is teeming with nubile coeds.
His presence causing an alarming number of deaths and missing persons.
After numerous failed attempts to co-mingle with human women. Result in their messy demises.

Muneto is assigned to watch the campus, where he runs into two
former classmates, Tsutomu and Kayo. Unfortunately, his affiliation with the
interplanetary agency makes his friends ideal targets for the demon beast.
Especially the virgin Kayo.

Vol 2.

Kayo is still trying to recover from the horrifying events she witnessed.
Including the untimely ends of Kasu and her lover Tsutomu.

It seems like the nightmare is over. Until Kayo begins to experience strange sensations
and feelings within her body. Often waking with no recollection of the night before,
and finding her clothes blood spattered.

Kayo senses something evil dwelling within her. And it's only a matter of time
before it makes itself known.


What appeals to me with these types of adult animated features, is the terrifying thought
of foreign things being introduced to a woman's most vulnerable of openings. Gooey, curious
protuberances that are not only capable of pleasure, but a ghastly end.

Unfortunately, from the start this title is obviously censored. Both pressings, one from 2000
and the most recent from 2009, both have the same running time of 93 minutes.
So I would assume that both suffer from the same problems.

It would appear, however, that later volumes do not suffer from the same censorship issues.

As for the plot, it shares similarities with Maeda's other work. Earth's impending destruction and tentacle rape. Which for the most part, I enjoy with the addition of horror elements.
The only flaws for me being, the edited sex scenes and the blocky, dated animation.

There are definitely finer examples of Maeda's work, but I am still interested in checking out
where this series goes.

Availability: This volume is available from the Amazon Marketplace.
I honestly wouldn't spend more then a few bucks on it.

Price: 2-6$

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inbred (2011)


4 troubled youths accompanied by their social workers, visit the remote town of Mortlake.
Their trip being a dual vacation/ rehabilitation exercise.
Once there, they set up house in an abandoned cottage, a former home to mentally disturbed individuals.

As a reward for sprucing up the run down cottage. The gang visits a nearby pub.
The perfect place to get a feel for the locals.

Residents of Mortlake certainly seem harmless enough. Despite their appearance
clearly stating the possibility of their family trees being in a straight line.
The only exception being the bar tender, obviously the towns ring leader being that he is the only one with all of his teeth. Combined with his mastery of putting a coherent sentence together.

Frequent misunderstandings between the group and the town's locals
eventually reveal the true nature of Mortlake's residents.
And with little to do for entertainment in the middle of nowhere.
You have to make your own fun.

Unfortunately, one of Mortlake's favorite pass times is hunting humans.


You always hear about the backwoods of southern states and the impending horrors
they can conjure. Images of brother cousins, genetic disorders,
physical deformities & bootleg liquor. Usually always linked to families that
opt to continually scrape from the bottom of the gene pool.

This time, these genetically challenged individuals are placed in the United Kingdom.
Where they too have their own stories of reclusive individuals who
fuck their cousins and shag sheep. Often residing in rural, underpopulated areas
where they can be left to participate in the unsavory.

This film is definitely a mash up of several movies from the genre,
but it's uniquely British take on the cannibal hillbilly certainly terrifies.
Along with being a constant assault to the senses.
I can see why humor is frequently used to ease some of the mounting tension,
because sometimes it really is too much.
People die in very unpleasant (and often creative) ways.

It's a rather unpleasant thing to witness, especially when you start to
like and sympathize with your protagonists.

This is certainly a nasty little flick that deserves appreciation.
I highly recommend it!

Availability: This title is still only available in Region 2 format, but it has
secured a US distributor. So, hopefully that means we will be able to purchase
this nasty morsel in region 1 soon....because I need it!

Price: 27-30$ (this is if you purchase the title as an import.) I'm sure it's
cheaper from Amazon UK.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)


Business has been plummeting at the Shady Rest funeral home.
People just aren't dying fast enough to allow the local undertaker
to charge his exorbitant prices.

Luckily, his two pals from the Greasy Spoon diner have concocted a brilliant business plan.
If potential clients won't come to you. You go to them.
Just make sure to dress in motorcycle gear whilst brandishing sharp implements.

After taking care of their appointed victim. The best cuts from the body go to the diner
where they later become the special of the day.
While the rest goes back to the funeral home.

The plan seems to be working too. Only their latest batch of victims keep
coming from the same place, the office of detective Harry Glass.
Known employer of beautiful women. And it's only a matter of time before Harry
notices the influx of missing and mutilated employees.

He does not have to travel far for clues either, being that he is a regular
at the Greasy spoon ;)


Often featuring bottom barrel production values and horrible acting.
Films of this type where usually laughably inept popcorn fodder.

This film however, manages to remain a step above some of it's peers from the same era.
Refining the beautiful women being butchered formula, by actually including
women that could act! Even for the 60s the gore and violence is still pretty impressive.

As usual, I am a sucker for films with the cannibal restaurant premise.
And this film does it quite well.

Highly recommended!

Availability: This title is still in print, and is available from all of the usual suspects.
I would recommend the Cheezy Flicks pressing.

Price: 2-6$

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Dentist (1996)


Dr. Feinstone prides himself in his ability to beautify people's mouths.
Only the decay often found ravaging teeth is now slowly
decimating his undoubtedly pristine life.

Starting with his beautiful wife, who's down and dirty affair with the pool boy,
serves as the impetus for his madness. In addition to the ever present eyes of the IRS
beckoning to destroy his perfect little world.

Worse yet, his trusted pills are having no effect in correcting his mood.
Instead, he is driven further into psychosis. And determined more then ever to
wash away the grip of decay........with a little murder.

Now open up and say "Ahhh"


People definitely get ultra squirmy when it comes to potential trauma being
dealt to their eyes or mouths. Which is why a routine visit to the dentist
is so goddamn terrifying. Considering the vast array of tools and apparatus that are
supposed to improve ones smile. Could also easily be used as devices for torture.

This film takes that fear one step further, but providing myriad set pieces.
That do nothing but provide a frightening visual aid to all of the horrible scenarios
a person never hopes to encounter.

It's memorably demented, and definitely uncomfortable to watch.
Also, they give Ken Foree some of the best lines in the movie!
What's not to love about that ;)

Availability: Another twisted title that's readily available on the cheap.

Price: 4-8$

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Touch Of Death (1988)


Lester has recently concocted a rather peculiar way to pay off his gambling debts,
via a dating service for lonely, rich women.Only Lester does not simply wine and dine them.
He takes them for everything they are worth, before dispatching them in a gruesome fashion.

From hairy women covered in moles. To an opera singer who never stops singing...ever.
Lester's various escapades usually pan out quite comically.

Although, it seems that his paranoia is starting to get to him. And that may signal the
beginning of his undoing.


Any film containing a graphic chainsaw dismemberment only 6 minutes into the feature.
Is a favorite of mine!

With some of the scenes previously shown in one of Fulci's final films,  
A Cat In The Brain (1990). I honestly prefer seeing it in it's goofy entirety.
Rather then as a director's best cuts.

It's hilarious, extremely violent and definitely one of my favorite Fulci films.
Highly recommended viewing. Even more so for any rabid gore fetishist.

Availability: This title appears to be out of print, but it can still be purchased
from Ebay or Amazon.

Price: 7-15$
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Tony (2009)


All Tony ever wanted was a little companionship.
Someone to cuddle or watch appropriately obscure action films.
Only that's a pretty hard thing to accomplish when you are a socially inept weirdo,
but it's not that Tony does not try.

Mostly confined to a council estate in London town
(or as my husband would say "Landon town") Tony has no goals or aspirations.
He simply goes from one bleak, awkward scenario and encounter to the next,
attempting to befriend anyone who would keep his company.
Sometimes he succeeds.

Only the fallout is inevitable. Being that Tony has no self control and is quite impulsive.
Or maybe it's the company that he keeps, and their disregard for him.
That makes it easier for him to lose control.

And once he does,  it's never pretty.


I still can't shake the recurring sensation of feeling like a spectator in the corner.
Baring witness to the car crash that is this film.
Watching one uncomfortable scenario to the next.
Yet being unable to look away.

This film does not accentuate itself with over the top gore.
It prefers to ground itself in reality, which is often worse.
Watching a gritty, realistic death. Is far more disturbing then any cartoonish display of violence.

That being said this is a memorably creepy film from the UK.
So if fucked up serial killer movies are your bag, check this out.
You won't be disappointed.

Availability: This UK film does have a region 1 pressing, and it's still in print.

Price: 2-9$

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Parents (1989)


Michael seems convinced that there's something wrong with his parents.
Despite having the glossy visage of a 1950s nuclear family, even the most mundane
of adult activities seem sinister. Especially when the dinner table is involved,
and more specifically what ends up on the dinner plate.

There's never a shortage of meat, when his folks are concerned.
Every night, the same announcement of  "left overs"
entices dual feelings of fear and paranoia for poor Michael.

His increasingly strange behavior begins to concern his
teacher & the school's child psychologist. Who of course feel compelled to meddle in his personal life.

Except the thoughts perceived as imaginative regurgitation from a child's brain.
May very well have some truth to them....

This leaves only one question....
When your parents are supposed to protect you from everything.
Who or what is supposed to protect you from your parents?


Effectively creepy and equally quirky, Parents is definitely a unique horror film.
It's almost like looking at a perfect shiny apple.
Only it's completely rotten on the inside.

Lions gate has recently released several horror movie 6 packs, and this title
along with Blood Diner and 4 other films. Can be purchased for a decent price!

Price: 4-9$

Considering the season I think that's a pretty awesome price for some appropriate Halloween viewing.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blood Diner (1987)


Two demented siblings under the tutelage of their murderous uncle's
talking disembodied brain. Open a vegetarian eatery that's recently recieved
a lot of positive buzz for it's surprisingly tasty veggie offerings.

Except the food is tainted with various items. And the restaurant is simply a cover for our
twisted goremets to scope out loose women. That they later kill and
farm body parts from. Hoping to construct a new body for their blood hungry goddess,
Sheetar, and an accompanying Lumerian feast.

Although, it would seem that this may not be an easy task with two detectives
hot on their trail.

French fried fingers, anyone?


Finally, this under appreciated classic is available uncut on DVD for the first time in the US!
Coupled along side 5 other films of varying quality. This movie definitely steals the show.

Genuinely over the top in every way. We have bountiful scenarios laced with
bouncing breasts and body parts. Conjoined together with hilariously hammy dialog.

Those looking for a non-pretentious good time, should enjoy this film thoroughly!
I know I did!

Availability: This title is in print, and available with 5 other films on a two
disc movie pack from Lions Gate.

Price: 4-8$

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