Friday, October 5, 2012

Tony (2009)


All Tony ever wanted was a little companionship.
Someone to cuddle or watch appropriately obscure action films.
Only that's a pretty hard thing to accomplish when you are a socially inept weirdo,
but it's not that Tony does not try.

Mostly confined to a council estate in London town
(or as my husband would say "Landon town") Tony has no goals or aspirations.
He simply goes from one bleak, awkward scenario and encounter to the next,
attempting to befriend anyone who would keep his company.
Sometimes he succeeds.

Only the fallout is inevitable. Being that Tony has no self control and is quite impulsive.
Or maybe it's the company that he keeps, and their disregard for him.
That makes it easier for him to lose control.

And once he does,  it's never pretty.


I still can't shake the recurring sensation of feeling like a spectator in the corner.
Baring witness to the car crash that is this film.
Watching one uncomfortable scenario to the next.
Yet being unable to look away.

This film does not accentuate itself with over the top gore.
It prefers to ground itself in reality, which is often worse.
Watching a gritty, realistic death. Is far more disturbing then any cartoonish display of violence.

That being said this is a memorably creepy film from the UK.
So if fucked up serial killer movies are your bag, check this out.
You won't be disappointed.

Availability: This UK film does have a region 1 pressing, and it's still in print.

Price: 2-9$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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