Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blood Diner (1987)


Two demented siblings under the tutelage of their murderous uncle's
talking disembodied brain. Open a vegetarian eatery that's recently recieved
a lot of positive buzz for it's surprisingly tasty veggie offerings.

Except the food is tainted with various items. And the restaurant is simply a cover for our
twisted goremets to scope out loose women. That they later kill and
farm body parts from. Hoping to construct a new body for their blood hungry goddess,
Sheetar, and an accompanying Lumerian feast.

Although, it would seem that this may not be an easy task with two detectives
hot on their trail.

French fried fingers, anyone?


Finally, this under appreciated classic is available uncut on DVD for the first time in the US!
Coupled along side 5 other films of varying quality. This movie definitely steals the show.

Genuinely over the top in every way. We have bountiful scenarios laced with
bouncing breasts and body parts. Conjoined together with hilariously hammy dialog.

Those looking for a non-pretentious good time, should enjoy this film thoroughly!
I know I did!

Availability: This title is in print, and available with 5 other films on a two
disc movie pack from Lions Gate.

Price: 4-8$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.) 

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JP "Strange and Shocking Turn Of Events" Wendel said...

I love this movie, glad to see someone else does as well!