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Demon Beast Invasion - Tentacle Trap (Vols. 1-2) (1990)


Vol. 1

Shinichi Kasu and his juvenile sidekick, Muneto are appointed agents of an interplanetary
observation agency. Which more or less means a secret alien fighting organization

A race of strange demonoid beings have managed to infiltrate Earth.
Only they cannot take the atmosphere. This forces these creatures to trying mixing
their genes with human ones. Of course the only way for them to do that is by ravishing a female host.

The beast then targets the Shomei college, since the campus is teeming with nubile coeds.
His presence causing an alarming number of deaths and missing persons.
After numerous failed attempts to co-mingle with human women. Result in their messy demises.

Muneto is assigned to watch the campus, where he runs into two
former classmates, Tsutomu and Kayo. Unfortunately, his affiliation with the
interplanetary agency makes his friends ideal targets for the demon beast.
Especially the virgin Kayo.

Vol 2.

Kayo is still trying to recover from the horrifying events she witnessed.
Including the untimely ends of Kasu and her lover Tsutomu.

It seems like the nightmare is over. Until Kayo begins to experience strange sensations
and feelings within her body. Often waking with no recollection of the night before,
and finding her clothes blood spattered.

Kayo senses something evil dwelling within her. And it's only a matter of time
before it makes itself known.


What appeals to me with these types of adult animated features, is the terrifying thought
of foreign things being introduced to a woman's most vulnerable of openings. Gooey, curious
protuberances that are not only capable of pleasure, but a ghastly end.

Unfortunately, from the start this title is obviously censored. Both pressings, one from 2000
and the most recent from 2009, both have the same running time of 93 minutes.
So I would assume that both suffer from the same problems.

It would appear, however, that later volumes do not suffer from the same censorship issues.

As for the plot, it shares similarities with Maeda's other work. Earth's impending destruction and tentacle rape. Which for the most part, I enjoy with the addition of horror elements.
The only flaws for me being, the edited sex scenes and the blocky, dated animation.

There are definitely finer examples of Maeda's work, but I am still interested in checking out
where this series goes.

Availability: This volume is available from the Amazon Marketplace.
I honestly wouldn't spend more then a few bucks on it.

Price: 2-6$

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