Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)


Business has been plummeting at the Shady Rest funeral home.
People just aren't dying fast enough to allow the local undertaker
to charge his exorbitant prices.

Luckily, his two pals from the Greasy Spoon diner have concocted a brilliant business plan.
If potential clients won't come to you. You go to them.
Just make sure to dress in motorcycle gear whilst brandishing sharp implements.

After taking care of their appointed victim. The best cuts from the body go to the diner
where they later become the special of the day.
While the rest goes back to the funeral home.

The plan seems to be working too. Only their latest batch of victims keep
coming from the same place, the office of detective Harry Glass.
Known employer of beautiful women. And it's only a matter of time before Harry
notices the influx of missing and mutilated employees.

He does not have to travel far for clues either, being that he is a regular
at the Greasy spoon ;)


Often featuring bottom barrel production values and horrible acting.
Films of this type where usually laughably inept popcorn fodder.

This film however, manages to remain a step above some of it's peers from the same era.
Refining the beautiful women being butchered formula, by actually including
women that could act! Even for the 60s the gore and violence is still pretty impressive.

As usual, I am a sucker for films with the cannibal restaurant premise.
And this film does it quite well.

Highly recommended!

Availability: This title is still in print, and is available from all of the usual suspects.
I would recommend the Cheezy Flicks pressing.

Price: 2-6$

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