Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inbred (2011)


4 troubled youths accompanied by their social workers, visit the remote town of Mortlake.
Their trip being a dual vacation/ rehabilitation exercise.
Once there, they set up house in an abandoned cottage, a former home to mentally disturbed individuals.

As a reward for sprucing up the run down cottage. The gang visits a nearby pub.
The perfect place to get a feel for the locals.

Residents of Mortlake certainly seem harmless enough. Despite their appearance
clearly stating the possibility of their family trees being in a straight line.
The only exception being the bar tender, obviously the towns ring leader being that he is the only one with all of his teeth. Combined with his mastery of putting a coherent sentence together.

Frequent misunderstandings between the group and the town's locals
eventually reveal the true nature of Mortlake's residents.
And with little to do for entertainment in the middle of nowhere.
You have to make your own fun.

Unfortunately, one of Mortlake's favorite pass times is hunting humans.


You always hear about the backwoods of southern states and the impending horrors
they can conjure. Images of brother cousins, genetic disorders,
physical deformities & bootleg liquor. Usually always linked to families that
opt to continually scrape from the bottom of the gene pool.

This time, these genetically challenged individuals are placed in the United Kingdom.
Where they too have their own stories of reclusive individuals who
fuck their cousins and shag sheep. Often residing in rural, underpopulated areas
where they can be left to participate in the unsavory.

This film is definitely a mash up of several movies from the genre,
but it's uniquely British take on the cannibal hillbilly certainly terrifies.
Along with being a constant assault to the senses.
I can see why humor is frequently used to ease some of the mounting tension,
because sometimes it really is too much.
People die in very unpleasant (and often creative) ways.

It's a rather unpleasant thing to witness, especially when you start to
like and sympathize with your protagonists.

This is certainly a nasty little flick that deserves appreciation.
I highly recommend it!

Availability: This title is still only available in Region 2 format, but it has
secured a US distributor. So, hopefully that means we will be able to purchase
this nasty morsel in region 1 soon....because I need it!

Price: 27-30$ (this is if you purchase the title as an import.) I'm sure it's
cheaper from Amazon UK.

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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