Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Dentist (1996)


Dr. Feinstone prides himself in his ability to beautify people's mouths.
Only the decay often found ravaging teeth is now slowly
decimating his undoubtedly pristine life.

Starting with his beautiful wife, who's down and dirty affair with the pool boy,
serves as the impetus for his madness. In addition to the ever present eyes of the IRS
beckoning to destroy his perfect little world.

Worse yet, his trusted pills are having no effect in correcting his mood.
Instead, he is driven further into psychosis. And determined more then ever to
wash away the grip of decay........with a little murder.

Now open up and say "Ahhh"


People definitely get ultra squirmy when it comes to potential trauma being
dealt to their eyes or mouths. Which is why a routine visit to the dentist
is so goddamn terrifying. Considering the vast array of tools and apparatus that are
supposed to improve ones smile. Could also easily be used as devices for torture.

This film takes that fear one step further, but providing myriad set pieces.
That do nothing but provide a frightening visual aid to all of the horrible scenarios
a person never hopes to encounter.

It's memorably demented, and definitely uncomfortable to watch.
Also, they give Ken Foree some of the best lines in the movie!
What's not to love about that ;)

Availability: Another twisted title that's readily available on the cheap.

Price: 4-8$

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