Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Parents (1989)


Michael seems convinced that there's something wrong with his parents.
Despite having the glossy visage of a 1950s nuclear family, even the most mundane
of adult activities seem sinister. Especially when the dinner table is involved,
and more specifically what ends up on the dinner plate.

There's never a shortage of meat, when his folks are concerned.
Every night, the same announcement of  "left overs"
entices dual feelings of fear and paranoia for poor Michael.

His increasingly strange behavior begins to concern his
teacher & the school's child psychologist. Who of course feel compelled to meddle in his personal life.

Except the thoughts perceived as imaginative regurgitation from a child's brain.
May very well have some truth to them....

This leaves only one question....
When your parents are supposed to protect you from everything.
Who or what is supposed to protect you from your parents?


Effectively creepy and equally quirky, Parents is definitely a unique horror film.
It's almost like looking at a perfect shiny apple.
Only it's completely rotten on the inside.

Lions gate has recently released several horror movie 6 packs, and this title
along with Blood Diner and 4 other films. Can be purchased for a decent price!

Price: 4-9$

Considering the season I think that's a pretty awesome price for some appropriate Halloween viewing.

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.) 


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