Saturday, September 17, 2011

Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972)


When the town drunkard staggers into a local pub almost completely exsanguinated.
The town's pathologist, Professor Anderson and his daughter's fiancee, Don take samples
of his blood back to their lab for further research.

Professor Anderson discovers something shocking about the sample.
The deceased's vital fluids are found to be unstable, reproducing at an alarming rate.
In turn throwing off his hemostatic balance causing the man to explode.
This currently unnamed condition concerns the Professor and the two immediately attempt to find a cure.

What the town does not know is that a pair of druids and their bumpkin recruits
have taken up residence and are kidnapping people. Draining them of their blood to use for an upcoming ceremonial feast. In addition, to their search for a host with a blood type that is immune to their sacred chemicals regenerative powers. The individual immune to it's properties will be used to resurrect their fallen queen Onhorrid, before her soul is taken by the Prince of Darkness.

Oh my!


Deranged and bizarre, two words that describe this shocker perfectly.
Obviously created with a non-existent budget, using actors willing to accept beer as payment for their participation. This movie is so inept, yet at the same time so likeable.
I was really surprised.

Some of the acting is wooden, and the plot itself is so outlandish that one can't really help but love it.

Blood stealing druids spouting nonsensical ramblings about Menanon and the prince of darkness and smiting ones enemies. To overall wearing, backwoods cronies who like to eat dogs, and bludgeon people with walking sticks.

I really admire some of the creative shots and camera work. A scene where a lovestruck couple leans in for a kiss is quickly inter-cut to footage of one of the villains hungrily feasting on a dog. Another scene that still gets me, involves one of the murderous black hood wearing hillbillies chasing after one of his victims with a tree pruner. Rather then show the pruner slicing through his victim's throat, the killer instead runs towards the camera as if it were the victim, and with a vicious swipe the scene ends. So fucking awesome!

This film is also said to have influenced the 1980s classic, Motel Hell.

If you don't mind low budget weirdness, this film is worth a look.

AvailabilityThe 2011 Cheezy Flims repress is still in print.

Price: 4-12$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Unnamable II (1993)


Picking up where the original left off. Miskatonic University students Randolf, Howard and
Tonya barely manage to survive the evil clutches of a mythical beast, lurking in an 18th
century haunted house.

The home's previous owner, Joshua Winthrop conjures the beast during his
occult explorations. The demon then decides to take his daughter, Alyda as
it's human host, horribly disfiguring her with it's malevolent influence.

As the remains of their mutilated classmates are carried off, and the police conduct
their investigation. Randolf manages to hide an ancient text he's taken from
the Winthrop home, that he later collects for further analysis. After reaching some
startling conclusions. Randolf  with the aid of Professor Warren, who's extensive
knowledge on ancient texts is required for when they return to the Winthrop home.

Reluctant tag-a-long, Howard stays on the surface to stand watch. While Randolf and
the Professor find an under ground tunnel, that leads them to a centuries old cavern beneath
the cemetery on the property. As the men travel deeper into the catacombs, they discover
the hooved beast of legend. Safely contained by interwoven tree limbs conjured by Randolf,
with the assistance of Joshua's spell book in the prior film entry.

Given the knowledge that the beast is clinging to the earthly plane using Joshua's daughter.
The two consider various methods to drive it out. Until Professor Warren decides
to use insulin, putting the creature's host into shock, convincing it of it's shell's
impending demise, forcing it to withdraw.

The plan does seem to work at first. It's human host, Alyda is left unharmed.
But, her monstrous former inhabitant is not so willing to let her go.


The first 30 minutes of this film still terrify me.
Certain scenes even now, I still can't bring myself to watch.
The terror that lingered for months after my initial viewing as an 8 year old kid,
still resonate so deeply even now that I am an adult.
I know I am a chicken. But, at least I admit it! ;)

My nostaligic ramblings aside.

After establishing an effective beginning. The film regretably begins to suffer from
myriad flaws that dissuade from it's middle and end. Inconsistencies in the
creature's make-up, and some laughably amateurish acting from the beast's human
female host, ruin some of the initial impact created. Yet despite all of those things I will
always enjoy this film and it's predecessor.

The first film is obviously better, unfortunately it is yet to receive a DVD release. A VHS copy can still be procured for around 4-8$ for the cut version. For the uncut version, which I own. The price is a bit steeper. I've seen copies on sale for 14$ all the way up to 99$. Yikes.

Availability: Regarding the film's sequel, while this title is considered out of print.
It is still widely available.

Price:  As for cost, this DVD is cheapy-cheap. I bought a new copy for only a 1.00.
So really, what have you got to lose?

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)