Friday, May 18, 2012

One Eyed Monster (2008)


An adult film crew decide to film their next low budget smut fest in the mountains
of Northern California. Where they remain stationed in a cabin located
on an old military base. Among the cast are veteran porn stars, Ron Jeremy & Veronica Hart.

During a break from shooting, Ron steps outside to enjoy some fresh air.
When suddenly a mysterious beam of light falls from the sky.
Aimed directly for his nether regions.
A "celestial " encounter the actor seems to quickly recover from before returning to set.

The scene then resumes without fail, until Ron loses control of his member and
unintentionally injures a fellow actress. The notorious member in question also decides
to detach itself from his body. The unfortunate trauma he does not survive.

Now the crew can only surmise that his penis has become home to some alien life form with dual intentions for procreation and murder.
And it's on the loose seeking any moist, warm orifice it can find.

It's 9 3/4 inches of pure terror!


And the monster dick films continue!

This movie definitely belongs in the realm of the party flick.
Ripe with boobs, blood and general inappropriateness.

I just wished Veronica Hart wasn't so under used!

Availability: This title is available on Amazon marketplace.

Price: 5-16$

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Biology (2008)


This twisted tale revolves around two sexually enhanced individuals.
A female photographer, Jennifer. Owner of 7 clits (and those are just the one's she can find!)
And the socially challenged, Batz. Who possesses a monstrous, gigantic junkie cock.
He injects with obscene amounts of growth hormones and animal steroids just to keep hard.

While Batz seeks refuge in his home and the warm mechanical embrace of
his home made masturbation machine. Jennifer gets her kicks from random bar encounters.
Her conquests usually panning out disastrously. Given her propensity for random violence.
Oh, and mutant babies. Usually created 2 hours after coitus.

Both go about their complicated lives. Until a photo shoot held in Batz home.
Brings the two of them together. Making Jennifer instantly smitten with Batz's gigantic member.

Unfortunately, the whole scenario is not as lovey dovey or ideal as it would seem.
Since Batz's treasured extention decides to go awol completely unattached from his body.


Upon hearing the film's opening dialog. Jennifer's grand statement, "I was born with 7 clits."
I just knew this film was going to be exploitation gold.

Then again Henenlotter's films are always consistantly awesome.
I also appreciate that he casts reasonably attractive male leads.
Even if there is always something wrong with them ;)

Smut enthusiasts will find lots to love in this film.

An occasional dick eye camera view is also worth mentioning. Simply because it's fucking hilarious!

Highly reccommended!

Availability: This title is still readily available from a multitude of retailers.

Price: 9-15$, there is also a blu-ray/dvd combo for about 13-18$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)