Friday, May 18, 2012

One Eyed Monster (2008)


An adult film crew decide to film their next low budget smut fest in the mountains
of Northern California. Where they remain stationed in a cabin located
on an old military base. Among the cast are veteran porn stars, Ron Jeremy & Veronica Hart.

During a break from shooting, Ron steps outside to enjoy some fresh air.
When suddenly a mysterious beam of light falls from the sky.
Aimed directly for his nether regions.
A "celestial " encounter the actor seems to quickly recover from before returning to set.

The scene then resumes without fail, until Ron loses control of his member and
unintentionally injures a fellow actress. The notorious member in question also decides
to detach itself from his body. The unfortunate trauma he does not survive.

Now the crew can only surmise that his penis has become home to some alien life form with dual intentions for procreation and murder.
And it's on the loose seeking any moist, warm orifice it can find.

It's 9 3/4 inches of pure terror!


And the monster dick films continue!

This movie definitely belongs in the realm of the party flick.
Ripe with boobs, blood and general inappropriateness.

I just wished Veronica Hart wasn't so under used!

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Price: 5-16$

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