Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wicked City (1987)


For those who wish for a harmonious coexistence, a proposed peace treaty is enacted
to improve relationships between inhabitants from human and demon worlds.
Unfortunately, a rival faction of demons stand in opposition, feeling that they are a superior race.

Taki is an electronic salesman and secret agent for an organization known as
the "Black Guard". Along with his newly acquired demon partner, Makie.
The duo become appointed guardians of a 200 year old demon missionary, Guiseppi Mayart.
A lecherous pervert with significant duties to uphold to insure a successful treaty signing.

With a gaggle of bloodthirsty demonic terrorists hot on their trail. Taki and Makie will be confronted with more then just their romantic feelings for each other. We're talking demon rape and enough hideous creature transformations to leave a lasting impression ;)


I fondly remember renting this nasty little feature from our local video store, Shapter Video
in the mid 90s. I still miss that place and it's various assemblage of Hellraiser models,
glaring menacingly at me while stationed at the tops of the movie shelves.

I am immensely pleased to find this title to be as filthy and sublime as I remember it being.
Plenty of soft core sex, nasty creatures with tentacled appendages, and just an overall nightmarish and bleak vibe. Yet, despite the absence of penetration. Mutilated and monstrous vaginal openings are a reoccurring vision.

A murderous spider lady that possesses a venus flytrap reminiscent vagina with teeth, being one of my favorite animated creatures.

This anime is very highly recommended, and definitely not for kids ;)

Availability: This title is out of print, kiddies. But, still available for purchase
in various conditions.

Price: 17-56$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)