Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sadomania (1981)


Two oblivious newlyweds decide to park on the private grounds surrounding a women's prison camp.
Just before the duo are about to consumate their marriage they are apprehended.

The husband is released while his wife, Olga is forced to stay at the camp where she quickly discovers, how her new environment is rampant with corruption. Surprise, surprise!

The head warden, Magda works diligently with a government official who's inability to perform sexually with his wife, entices him to pick from her beavy of beautiful prisoners to participate in his bedroom games. If the women choose to be combative, they are hunted ala "The Most Dangerous Game" (And that's if the crocodiles do not get to them first!)

Fortunately for Olga, her husband is not so willing to let his new beautiful wife languish in the confines of the lust filled prison.

Hot pants abound!

In Conclusion:

Unfortunately, the sex scenes are a mixed bag. The most explicit scenes involve the transgendered beauty, Ajita Wilson. Who stars as the warden Magda.

There are hints of humor and sadism, and for those of you who like a little kink, there is even a touch of beastiality! The humor is courtesy of Jess Franco, who plays an openly homosexual brothel owner, also provides an amusing visual aid for the term "pillow biter".

Overall, an fairly entertaining watch. Definately not the best WIP film, but far from the worst

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission)