Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Seventh Curse (1986)


While on an expedition in Northern Thailand, Doctor Yuen is afflicted with a blood curse, when he brazenly interrupts a sacred ceremony held by a notorious worm tribe (know to offer human sacrifices to appease their eternal ancestor.) The sole purpose of his intrusion, is to save a beautiful maiden Betsy. Who is forcefully taken as an offering for the sacrament.

The curse is delayed for several years, before Yuen is made aware of it's presence. Oddly enough it surfaces while Yuen is enjoying the delights of a female guest. The strenuous activity causes an artery to burst in his leg. Setting off a painful chain reaction, where each day the curse is left disregarded another artery will explode, traveling up his body eventually leading to his demise.

Left with no choice but to return to Thailand. Yuen will embark upon an adventure leading to a heavily guarded statue, which contains the key component to reversing the curse.

In Conclusion:

This oddball film, is a mish mash of many genres. From horror, to comedy (whether that is unintentionally caused by the questionable subtitles, is a decision to be made by the viewer.) to an almost Indiana Jones-esque adventure film. With plenty of martial arts action and nifty gadgets.

The film is thoroughly enjoyable, with a campy charm that is undeniable.

Need I also mention the above average gore and creature fx. My favorite being a murderous demonic fetus, which is conjured by using the blood of 100 children, amusingly titled the "little ghost spell".

If you wish to purchase this film, I recommend either the Fortune Star-Legendary Collection Version, with the silver slipcase. Or the Out of Print Universal Laser & Video version. Unfortunately both versions have the same poorly translated, albeit, hilarious subtitles.

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission)