Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981)


A phone call from the police made on behalf of a delinquent former student, is all it takes
to throw Sakiko's life completely out of order.
Confused as to why she would be deemed guardian for a pupil
she has no recollection of teaching. She still agrees to go to the police station,
hoping that their subsequent meeting will unveil any clues.

Once released, the troubled Sueko openly expresses her feelings
about her irresponsible behavior. The main topic of conversation
details her past time of picking up random nameless men.
After she becomes addicted to the affection the lavish on her.

Although, Sueko's habit of reminiscing over her former life in Sakata Mines,
always seems to put the pin the the party hog, as far as her male suitors are concerned.

Sueko isn't the only one who remembers her time at Sakata, either.
Sakiko also recalls her time there all too well.
After all it was the backdrop to her sexual assault at the hands
of a masked offender, smelling of paint thinner.
A man she clearly recalls identifying in a police line up.

Unfortunately, repeated meetings with Sueko unearth possibilities that she
might have picked the wrong man.

Now Sakiko is compelled to do absolutely anything to make amends.


I was really surprised by the overtly feminine sensibilities in this film, and how they are
totally undeterred by the frequent erotic scenarios.

There is a rhyme and reason for both female central character's sexual dysfunctions.
These situations are explored in both a sympathetic and exploitative way.
Making this a a surprisingly involving film.

As for the scenarios in question, there is a definite improvement in the believability
(and creativity) of the actions taking place. That being said,
this film is not as filthy or as smutty as I would have liked, but what it lacks
in that department it makes up for with it's plot and characters.

Hopefully my mentioning of plot does not turn anyone off ;)

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Price: 10-16$

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Phantom of Pulp said...

Great example of a pink flick with a feminist slant.