Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Demon's Baby (1998)


"Five Ghosts Tao" are 5 malicious immortal spirits worshipped
by a group of individuals, know as the Lotus sect.
These spirits prefer to make their homes inside the bodies of pregnant women.

If any of the pregnant women give birth to one of the 5 demon children,
the child's presence signals the world's end.
As a precaution, the Lotus sect place the restless spirits into antique vases.
Watched over by a golden Buddha that is placed near their vicinity.
The statue seems to be the only thing that will keep them in their vessels.

These 5 accursed objects are rediscovered later in an excavation
by General Hsu and his men. Hsu decides to take the items back to his home,
just in time for his 4th bride's arrival.

There is noticeable dissension brewing in the household.
Included in the mix is Hsu's top ranked official, Lee,
who commits many offenses against his master.
Not only does he bed one of Hsu's wives, he accidentally kills a handmaid
who is found spying. Yet that is not his most unforgivable offense.
Lee also swaps the golden Buddha statue with a fake, so that he can sell the real one for profit.

As for the murdered handmaid who's death is unsolved.
A taoist priest is hired to give her a proper burial.
Except Hsu's staff, including his personal chef, Day-Six (yes, that is his name :P)
quickly find just how inept the priest is at performing his duties.
The only thing he succeeds in doing is angering her spirit with water, causing her dead corpse to rise.

Fortunately, a strange exorcist they encounter in the woods comes to their rescue.
Right away, Day-six knows that this man's assistance will be needed
sooner rather then later. When all of Hsu's wives end up pregnant at the same time.


This film is undoubtedly weird, but that is also what makes it awesome.
Ancient traditions meet outrageous displays of the supernatural.
Cursed wives with toothy, open mouths for stomachs munching on people's heads,
mingle convincingly with flying demon babies & Anthony Wong as a very creative exorcist.

Hell, there's even a sweet, romantic sub-plot involving Hsu's chef, Day-Six.
And his favorite hand maid and proposed 5th wife, Little Fish.

So, really this film has a little bit of everything for everyone.
General outlandishness. Old school make-up and gore effects.
The supremely demented Anthony Wong, etc,etc, etc.

I love this movie!

Availability: Amazon seems to be the only online retailer I can find
that is still selling copies of this film, so snatch it up while you can!

Price: 4-14$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


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