Thursday, June 2, 2011

We're Going To Eat You (1980)


On a remote island, the locals have acquired an insatiable taste for human flesh.
Men clad in masks who also brandish large sharp implements, target any tourists or visitors.
Their captives always taken back to the town's butcher shop. Where they are carved up
and served to the locals.

The island's chief of police and his subordinates get a larger portion then the residents, causing civil unrest over the rationing of the meat.

Enter Agent number 999, sent to the hidden locale as a civil service. His primary objective is to arrest the renowned bandit, Rolex. Said to be hidden somewhere on the island.
While searching for his appointed target Agent 999 remains oblivious to the islanders ill intentions
and desires to want to eat him for supper.

Will he escape alive? Or will 999 be just another snack for the villagers on Cannibal Island?


This is another prime example of HK weirdness. A comedy loaded with entertaining fight scene choreography. That just happens to involve cannibals.

While the mask wearing butchers do look rather imposing, the constant infusion of goofiness definitely counters the films chance of exuding any authentic terror. Which I have a feeling was never the intention.

Nonetheless, this is still a fun and interesting title.
If not for one particular scene, when a pickpocket desperately tries to avoid being raped by a gargantuan woman (obviously a man in drag), only to find that his efforts in no way impede on her yearnings for his body.

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