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Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (Movie Edition) (1989)

"Once every three thousand years, the chojin, also known as the overfiend, will be reincarnated."


There exists three separate worlds for man, demon and beast. These seemingly dissimilar universes are said to collide into undivided terrene ripe with uncertainty once the destructive Chojin is resurrected. The inhabitants of the demon and beast worlds are more then content with the way things are, and will stop at nothing to keep the Chojin from being born.

Amano is a man beast stationed on earth, disguised as a high school student. He has waited 300 thousand years for the appearance of the fated Chojin. The possibilities of a new world fascinate Amano and influence his quest to find and aid the Overfiend.

His keen senses detect a possible demon presence omitting from adored high school Adonis, Ozaki. A skilled athlete, coveted by all of the girls at the high school. However, this seemingly perfect candidate distracts Amano from the true beast, the meek object of ridicule, Nagumo. A fellow classmate with a penchant for peeping into the girl's locker room, so he can spy on his object of affection, the beautiful and lithe, Akemi.

Since Nagumo does not fit the criteria, Amano refuses to acknowledge him as a chojin. But, his sister, Megumi, senses him right from the start.

There are also several side plots in the mix. One involving Amano and his rival, Suikakujū, the lover of the queen of demons. And Niki, a student with a crush on Akemi that makes a painful bargain with Suikakujū's minions. A pact that forces him to cut off his penis so he can reattach a large demon phallus, that is given to him with the promise that it will infuse him with immense power. Making him Suikakujū's chosen.

Amongst all of this chaos, an endearing love story also unfolds, between Nagumo
and Akemi. Who is convinced that Nagumo saved her from a multi-appendaged beast
intent to ravage her. Only their adolescent love is destined for disaster. When Nagumo
is unable to control the consuming destructive power running through him.

Just what kind of beast is the overfiend, anyway? A messiah for change? Or a figure of unending carnage.

You'll just have to watch and see ;)


While this may seem to be the perfect ammunition for a masturbation session, it is so much more then animated smut.

The plot is epic and involving. Extraordinary beings exist and battle hideous beasts in a nightmarish world heading straight for the apocalypse. You throw in gratuitous violence, nudity and sex and you have a perfect adult animated feature.

Unfortunately, this version of the anime is the 3 OAVS combined into an hour and 45 minute feature film. The more explicit sexual scenes have been removed and padded with additional footage. Sorry guys, no penetration or explicitly rendered genitalia. There are still many sex scenes present, they are just the animated equivalent of soft core.

Personally, even with the explicit sex extracted. I still found this to be an absolutely amazing viewing experience. One that I will not soon forget.

Availability: The most complete version of the Urotsukidoji series is the out of print Perfect Collection, released in 2000 by Central Park Media. It doesn't appear too difficult to find, just be prepared to thrown down some serious cash for a copy. The title usually goes for a pretty hefty sum for around 150-400$. As for the 2010 movie edition, it is still readily available.

Price: I'm afraid it's collector's prices for the 2000 Private Collection, but the movie edition, despite lacking what Hentai fans crave (the explicit sex scenes). There is still ample amounts of violence and carnage.
(12-22$) There is also a Blu-ray edition (15-36$)

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This movie actually looks really bad ass. I'm going to find it and watch it! Great post!