Monday, June 27, 2011

Erotic Diary Of An Office Lady (1977)


Asami is a 24 year old office worker operating in an environment that serves as the perfect backdrop for the myriad sexual trysts occurring between her fellow employees. While she does not participate in the illicit activities at work, she has no problem partaking in them when she's off the clock, during her secret rendevouz with her lover and boss.

Their relationship seems based solely on various sexual escapades. And quickly stagnates once she approaches a crossroads in her life where she wants something more, and comes to the painful realization that her partner has no intentions of furthering their romance to anything more significant then fucking.

Her life is complicated further, with her father's insistence that she meet and marry a man of
his choosing. This in addition to the sudden appearance of a peculiar man, with a stall on the streets that sells baby chicks. This man also reveals feelings for her after they have several chance meetings. This confession also includes a proposal for Asami to move with him to another city.

Challenged by the various options to determine her prospective future, Asami is faced with several difficult decisions. Yet her dwindling interest in her boss, still does not discourage his attempts to spoil her chances at a more fulfilling life, out of selfish need.

I wonder how it all pans out ;)


This is definitely borderline chick flick material and the ending depressed the hell out of me. In a way it almost reminded me of the film Smithereens (1982) with it's overall morose feeling.

That being said, I still really enjoyed it. The film redeemed itself with it's infusion of beautifully filmed sex scenes and relatable plot.

Availability: In print, if purchased on it's own. Outside of the Debauched Desires boxset.

Price: This title is probably the cheapest in the lot, 10-26$

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Phantom of Pulp said...

This is an exceptional film. The climax is beautifully done.

What would life be without these films? :-)