Friday, February 18, 2011

House (1986)


It has been three years since Roger Cobb's last novel. And with his own personal turmoil, which includes the disappearance of his young son, Jimmy being at the forefront of his writers block. Rodger decides to stay at his childhood home, left to him by his aunt who recently committed suicide.

Roger hopes that the solitude will give him a chance to work on his most recent novel. Which will delve into his time in Vietnam. Although, once he settles in, it appears as if the house itself is a living breathing entity. It begins to manifest visions of his son, along with conjuring some pretty nasty creatures that would only exist in one of his horror novels.

The longer he lingers in the home the more he seems to unravel.
But ex-wives, nosy neighbors and post traumatic stress are the least of his worries.

"Damn! I come back from the grave and run out of ammunition!"

In Conclusion:

I have many fond childhood memories of this film. I watched it obsessively with my father and three brothers as a kid. And after not seeing it for over a decade, I must say that it is still as badass as I remember it being!

The make-up FX and dashes of comedy really amp up the entertainment factor.

I really love this film, and it does make for a lovely trip down memory lane.

Oh, nostalgia :)

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Lazarus Lupin said...

A great film that dances lightly between comedy and horror. Could have used a better jungle set but that's a tiny thing. Great use of actors usually only seen on TV.

Lazarus Lupin
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