Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Living Dead Girl (1982)


With an adolescent blood oath forging an unbreakable bond between them, Helena and Catherine remain devoted to each other. Even with Catherine's recent demise.

Her body resides in a coffin, contained in the catacombs below her childhood home, a historic chateau that is currently on the market for sale. She remains there, until a pair of grave robbers who are also attempting to store barrels of toxic waste, awaken Catherine when an earth tremor knocks some of the barrels over. This causes the earth floor to absorb the sludge which re-animates the blonde beauty.

Once awoken from her sleep, Catherine finds that she has aquired a need for blood. And she ruthlessly dispatches whoever crosses her path, except Helena. Who once reunited with her companion takes on the responsibility of luring prey to the chateau just so her beloved can sustain herself.

Although it seems the more Catherine is left to regain her memories and the sensations of life. The more she willingly welcomes her new title as a bringer of death.

In Conclusion:

It's impressive that a film can be endearing and grotesque at the same time.
And this nightmarish tale soaked in vital fluids packs a real punch. One that stayed with me for days after my initial viewing.

It's a touching and melancholy film filled with beautiful women and shocking violence.

No lesbian fumblings this time around, guys. Just lots and lots of blood.

Highly recommended!

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Phantom of Pulp said...

One of my favorite films of all. It has a poetry to it that is very beautiful and relaxingly grotesque.

In grotesquerie there is enormous beauty.