Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tesis (1996)


Angela is doing her thesis on audiovisual violence. In her pursuit for the obscene, she enlists the aid of a fellow classmate, Chema, who is renowned on campus for his taste in shock cinema. Along with Chema, she also requests the assistance of her film professor, Figueroa. Who ventures into the school's vast film library in search of the ultimate sensory assault for his student.

In his quest he ends up unearthing a celluloid atrocity that turns out to be too much for him. The tape causes Figueroa to fall victim to a fatal heart attack right in the screening room, where his body remains until Angela discovers his corpse the following day.

Curious about the contents of the tape, Angela takes it from the library for further analysis. Although, once alone with her object of fascination, she finds that she is unable to bring herself to watch it. So she completely darkens the color contrast of the screen, only leaving the audio.
And the horrifying shrieks and pleas for mercy from an unknown woman emanating from the tape terrify her.

Still determined to view the film. Angela requests the assistance of her fellow violent cinema connoisseur, Chema. Who agrees to watch the film with her.
After their initial viewing, Chema concludes that the acts taking place are real and that the woman being tortured and killed on film happens to be a fellow student that went missing 2 years ago. As if that wasn't enough, the camera used to film her demise, is a later model that was once carried in the University's film lab.

This disturbing conclusion turns Angela's simple research for her thesis into an all out investigation into the creation of the film. A task that could potentially cost them their lives.

In Conclusion:

This Spanish thriller is simply amazing!
With well over a 2 hour running time, I never wanted the film to end.

Chema has to be one of my favorite film characters, and is honestly someone that I would really hang out with. (The fact that he is a hot, bespectacled horror fiend also helps) His living area is completely plastered with horror film posters and images of the macabre. Also, the restrained chemistry between him and Angela happens to be one of my favorite things about this film. Even when Angela begins to have feelings for mysterious playboy, Bosco. I couldn't help but root for Chema, the eternal outsider.

I can't say enough about this film, it's thoroughly suspenseful and entertaining. So if you haven't seen it by now..what are you waiting for?!
A new digitally remastered version was released 2/8/11.

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Colonel Moustachio said...

Buena onda! I'm going to have to search this out.

Great reviews - as always.


Toxaemia said...

Why thank you, sir.I am glad you enjoy :P

It really is an amazing movie. It was recently repressed on DVD 2/8/11.