Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994)


The legend of Hull house still permeates the halls of St. Rita's high school. With Halloween looming some students decide to forgo a school dance for a little spooky holiday fun in the house of hell.

One of the students at the school happens to be Angela's sister, the recently orphaned, Melissa.
Christened "mouse" by the other girls in the dorm.

On the night of the festivities, Mouse is forced to attend her classmates holiday soiree. A shindig that starts off on a harmless note, until one of the attendants decides to reenact a black mass with Mouse as a sacrifice. A prank that is quickly spoiled, but not before Angela's demonic presence is enticed by her new party guests.

Once stirred, a few bumps in the night caused by her awakening send her visitors out the door.
While a majority of the group does manage to flee unscathed. One female attendee accidentally takes a souvenir from the home, in the form of a tube of lipstick. An item she unknowingly transports across the underground spring surrounding the property. Giving Angela ample opportunity to wreak havoc on the school campus.

"Save a little room for the holy ghost."


Even if this film is flawed in many ways, it does what it sets out to do.
Unfortunately, the comedy sometimes kills the mood, especially when the gags are unsuccessful.

The acting is also pretty questionable, namely the budding demonologist, Perry. Who's frequent Keanu Reeves-isms come off laughably bad. That in addition to the the fact that many of the actors look a little too old to be in high school ;)

Those minor complaints aside. This is still a fun, unpretentious party flick with some pretty impressive make-up effects. It's dated campy charm is still worth appreciating.

The infamous dancing scene is also re-created, yet rather then Bauhaus'-"Stigmata Martyr". We have the Morbid Angel song, "Rapture".

I have to say watching Angela and the students dancing and sashaying about to death metal is indeed a sight to behold.

Essential Halloween viewing!

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