Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sex & Fury (1973)


Ocho is a skilled gambler and pick-pocket with a personal vendetta. As a child she watched while her father was mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of 3 unknown assailants. Clutched in his bloodied hand for her to discover were 3 picture cards bearing the images of different animals. These cards are the only remaining clues left to help identify his killers.

As an adult she is infused with the same determination as her father. Getting her first taste of carnage while visiting a local gambling house. Where a man is fatally wounded after being caught cheating during a card game. The man while in his death throes asks Ocho to take 50 million yen he had acquired for his sister to pay for her freedom, before she is sold into the sex trade. Her attempt to fulfill the dying man's wish leads her to the sleazy and corrupt, Iwakura. The purchaser of the man's virginal sister, Yuki.

Unfortunately for Ocho, Iwakura is not so willing to give up his new play thing without an entertaining wager. He agrees to safely release Yuki, if Ocho beats a renowned English gambler and secret spy, Christina during a costume ball. Inevitably she does after her American competition is distracted by her anarchistic lover, Shunosuke. Who's hell bent on killing Kurakawa, a man with political affiliations and Iwakura's co-conspirator in the death of Ocho's father.

Along with Ocho's quest to avenge her father, there is also another side plot involving star crossed lovers, Christina and Shunosuke. A pair that seemed doomed right from the start.

Let the sword play and arterial spray commence!


Watching Ocho galloping in the snow, completely nude with sword in hand while she slices through her prey with a graceful ferocity. Has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! She is sexy and cunning. These qualities make her quite a memorable Pinky Violence vixen.

The visual set pieces are superb! I also dug how most of the scenes featuring Christina Lindberg were filmed with a romantic soft focus.

This film is thoroughly entertaining and highly recommended!

Norifumi Suzuki never disappoints!

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