Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love-Zero = Infinity (1994)


A lonely drifter reeling from a recent break up, begins to follow random strangers he encounters while walking the streets of Tokyo. His longing for a human connection leads him to a pair of nihilistic teens.

The couple find solace in a landfill, where they entertain their curious spectator with tales of blood games. And with a current string of vampyric murders being publicized and broadcasted, Takeshi begins to have romanticized views on the subject.

Currently oblivious to his forthcoming encounter with a woman who only feeds his dark obsessions. Takeshi is asked by a doctor to spy on his wife. A striking woman who wears a black over-coat and large framed sunglasses, while she roams around the city. Her currently exhibited bizarre behavior alarms her significant other, who believes that her after work activities may have murderous intent.

And the mysterious fem, may very well be what Takeshi has been looking for.
A modern day vampire.

"Do you want a red drug which takes you on a trip to the other world?"

In Conclusion:

This film left me in a daze, with it's hallucinatory and bleak vibe.
The frequent wide shots of Tokyo streets, only added to the feeling of being small.

Hisayasu Sato's films always leave a lasting impression on me. As always, it is hard for me to decide what I love more about his work, the fetishistic sex or the morose characters.

This haunting take on the vampire, is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission)

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ejiki said...

I recently have seen this movie. Not bad at all.. But this B/W screencap of the girl, was one of my favs too