Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Watcher In The Attic (1976)


Boarding house tenant Gouda has taken up quite a peculiar past time. After he finds a secret crawlspace in the attic of his building, he begins to spy from peep holes in the ceiling into the apartments below. There he observes the other tenants.

Their once unseen acts, ranging from the mundane to the perverse, unfold before his lingering eyes. And after myriad glimpses into the secret lives of his neighbors, Gouda finds himself fixating on one particular female tenant, who's bedroom activities become an all consuming interest.

The aristocratic beauty usually requests that her gentleman callers wear clown attire. And their outrageous sexual explorations, quickly become fascinating spectacles for Gouda. Who by the day becomes more entranced with the nameless, girl participating in the deviant acts, he secretly wishes he could be a part of.

The two do eventually develop a bizarre relationship, even after Lady Junko's bedroom games turn violent.

In fact, her sanguinary compulsions only further entice Gouda to partake in a little harmless mayhem, just so he can appease his murderous madam.


In Conclusion:

So far, this has to be my favorite, Nikkatsu release from Mondo Macabro.

The sex scenes are dreamlike and creative. We have clown faced suitors, and a kinky chauffeur who constructs a special sex chair that allows him to sit inside of it, so he can experience the feeling of his desired object sitting on him.

Pervish hi-jinks aside, I thought this film had a lingering almost drug-like quality to it, with a very off kilter ending. (Which I will not spoil! :P)

(I also note, that the amazing full mouth of Renji Ishibashi (Gouda) also helped elevate my viewing experience ;) Even with bizarro, 70s hair..I still found him quite attractive.)

Highly recommended!

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Phantom of Pulp said...

This film, based on the Rampo story, is another Nikkatsu classic, and I'm in total agreement with you.