Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reform School Girls (1986)


Jennifer has been a very naughty girl! After assisting her boy-toy in a botched robbery, she is quickly apprehended and sentenced to 3 years in the Pridemore Juvenile Facility For Girls.

When the nubile blonde arrives at the Reformatory with a bus full of "new fish", the jail-bait offenders are in for a surprise. The twisted politics, and blatant favoritism amongst the staff are the least of their worries...when the ward administrator, Edna and her favorite toy, Charlie strive to make their lives a living hell.

Most of the teenage hellcats bend to Charlie's whim, but our dear Jennifer's unwillingness to compromise leads to a power struggle between the two girls right from the start. Fortunately for Charlie, her after hours playtime with Edna enables her to have certain privileges and freedoms, while the other girls are continually subjected to mistreatment and various cruelties frequently overlooked by the statuesque head warden, Sutter.

A new staff member is also employed at Pridemore, and the new resident Psychologist, Dr. Norton gets an inside perspective on the brutality and neglect taking place at the Facility. Yet, unlike her fellow co-workers who are either totally complacent or willing participants...Dr. Norton will do anything to put a stop to the savage behavior taking place behind the closed doors at the Reformatory.

Good luck, Doctor :P

"I thought I smelled fish."

In Conclusion:

This film is glorious! It's hilarious and laden with girl fights, T&A, cavity searches and other devious behavior. And of course the queen of shock, Wendy O Williams (as Charlie).

My only complaint was the sleazy truck driver in the film, who for some reason reminded me of Lou Gramm from Foreigner..and fucking made my flesh crawl.

"It's kind of like a carnival ride, you sit on my face and i'll guess your weight."


Anyway, highly recommended viewing. And this title is very under appreciated, so you can pick it up for pretty cheap. I purchased mine new from for 5$!

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Tracy Vanity said...

I really need to see that! I love a movie with tough bitches!