Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession (1976)


Waking one night only to discover her step-sister (Mayumi) entangled with her lover Keigo in a vigorous display of pelvic thrusting. The devastated Runa decides to uproot and join a convent, totally unprepared for the lascivious behavior she will be forced to endure.

Once she arrives at the abbey, Runa is immediately subjected to the frustrations of a deviant priest, who molests her in the fields and accosts her while she is ringing the Church bell. Apparently all of the inhabitants of the religious community suffer from bestial lust. When even a fellow sister of the cloth harbors carnal tendencies towards her.

After some time at the Convent, Runa decides to pay her step-sister a visit, with intentions of enticing her with a bogus real estate proposition. She informs Mayumi of the church's intentions to sell a large lot of land, after deciding to relocate to Africa.

Runa offers to give her step-sister a good deal for the land, hoping that Mayumi would somehow bring her ex-lover, the philandering Keigo into the mix. And Mayumi, as expected, does not hesitate to bait him with the notion of purchasing the unbelievably cheap land for potential profit.

The insatiable con-artists attempt to put on a convincing display of honest devotion, all the while keeping their eyes on the prize. And they remain totally oblivious to Runa's true devious intentions.

"But, by finding god, I also found the devil."

In Conclusion:

Masaru Konuma has to be one of my favorite exploitation/roman porno/pink directors. He infuses the unfolding erotic imagery with an involving plot, which is usually not necessary for me personally, but it does heighten the whole viewing experience.

I happen to watch a lot of Pink and erotic films, and unfortunately, the prevalence of attractive male actors in these movies is quite limited. So with the inclusion of the yummy male actor, Shin Nakamaru, made for a welcome change and really made this film a pleasure for me to watch. (It does get tiresome viewing the same formulaic, repugnant leches that usually paw at the attractive female actors in these films.)

Plus, the enthusiastic sexual performances of the films participants also makes for an enjoyable experience. And boy is there an overabundance of soft core goodness! We have straight scenes, lesbian scenes, orgy scenes, rape scenes, threesomes, etc, etc. And come to think of it, the more I watched the movie the more it reminded me of french soft core, Ala Emmanuelle.

Highly recommended for any sleaze hound! This film is available on it's own or in the Debauched Desires box set which features 3 other Masaru films.

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Phantom of Pulp said...

Konuma's a fucking genius and this is a beautiful piece of work. Great review, too.

I'm also a huge supporter of Erotic Diary of an Office Lady and Tattooed Flower Vase.

Also try to see Secret Wife and White Whore.

His films are magnificent because he had no guilt about them and did not practice condescension towards the genre, a genre that is truly one of the greatest when approached with heart and a quickening flow of blood.