Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Notorious Concubines (1969)


We are first introduced to a weary traveler, approaching a decomposing arm extending high from a burial site. This man also has the misfortune of stumbling upon a bandit being tortured by a gaggle of warriors. After being left with just the boy's bloodied corpse, he takes the man in his arms and begins to reminisce about the events that led to a man's downfall.

We learn of the temptress Chien-Lan, who's unrequited love for her husband's brother, leads to a series of deceptive acts and murder. Even though her modest husband caters to her every whim, she still finds satisfaction in the arms of a more affluent suitor, Mien-Shing, who's taste for violence and sex may very well be her downfall.

In Conclusion:

Although the film is hindered with akwardly filmed battles, and the occasional scene where a girl's pubic region is obscured by optical fogging. The movie does have something to offer.

My favorite being, Chien-Lan, who seems to be a rather plain woman at first glance, yet transforms while in the embrace of passion, providing many erotic moments that only include her glowing face, contorted with pleasure.

I wanted to see this film mainly because I wanted to see one of Koji Wakamatsu's earlier films. Although the film is nothing special, the dvd includes tons of extras, such as another film "Violated Paradise", and vintage Japanese strip reels that are more then worth the purchase of the DVD.

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission.)

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