Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kunoichi: Lady Ninja (1998)


A clan of 7 holy women attempt to live amicable lives in a sacred convent. Their inherent special abilities remain dormant, until their home is threatened by a notorious gang of beastly men, endowed with strange powers. The "7 Beasts of Katoh" are sent by their nefarious leader Lord Aizu, to collect his object of interest. The clan's elder sister, Ochie. Who manages to escape Aizu and his harem of "kyoto dolls".

Many innocent bystanders are entangled in the slaughter. Giving the women no choice, but to give up their lives as brides of christ in order to awaken their abilities as ninjas. Their blood spattered habits are exchanged for the shinobi garb. And at the request of the convent's matriarch, the legendary ninja, Yagu Jubei is asked to assist the women in the art of espionage and combat so they can exact their own brand of vengeance.

In Conclusion:

This film is definitely bizarre. The 7 women remind me of some live action incarnation from the mahō shōjo sub-genre in Japanese anime (a.k.a: Magical Girl or if you are unfamiliar with the term. Think Sailor Moon, but for deviants)

Unfortunately, except for our main protagonist Ochie, the rest of the women would be pretty expendable, where they not given unique special abilities (i.e: nipples that discharge bolts of lighting and vaginal openings capable of absorbing and retracting an enemies powers.)

All in all, the film is thoroughly entertaining. The visuals are eye catching, the arterial spray is bountiful and the unfolding story is weird enough to leave a lasting impression.

Just heed my warning and watch the film with subtitles, the english dubbing is fucking atrocious!

Screen Captures: (All Screen Caps are taken by me, please do not use without my permission)

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Tracy Vanity said...

I always prefer subtitles to dubbing. I guess if you're drunk, dubbing can be amusing but it always takes away from the acting, even if it is just a cheesy B movie.un