Thursday, July 28, 2011

Run And Kill (1993)


Cheung is a doting father and husband, albeit being a little on the portly side.
He slaves daily at his job, giving his earnings to his ungrateful wife.
Only to have his seemingly idealistic existence come crashing down on him,
when he makes the mistake of coming home early for an Anniversary celebration.
Finding his insignificant other in a compromising position with a neighboring shop owner.

After the initial shock wanes, Cheung decides to drown his sorrows with alcohol.
Staking his claim at a local bar where he encounters an attractive regular, Fanny who
he drunkenly confides in. Fanny takes pity on Cheung and offers to assist him in
rectifying his current situation.Unfortunately, her definition of rectifying the situation
involves murder.

Fanny encourages Cheung to put a hit out on his wife and her lover,
connecting him to a fellow acquaintance who will do just about anything if the price is right.

In a drunken stupor Cheung unintentionally agrees to the contract killing, and the outrageous
sum that accompanies the deed's completion, just before blacking out in an
alley behind the bar. When he wakes up the following morning with a fleeting memory of the
prior evenings events, he returns home to his wife where the situation goes from
bad to worse. As two contract killers appear at his apartment out for blood.

The duo ruthlessly dispatch his wife and leave Cheung unconscious at the
scene of the crime. Leading the police to open an investigation, with Cheung as
the main suspect.In an attempt to rekindle his memory, he returns to the bar,
unaware of the watchful eye of the police. An unwelcome presence that is not appreciated
by the bloodthirsty gang responsible for killing Cheung's wife.

Convinced that Cheung ratted them out to the police, the gang extort Cheung for
even more money. Leaving him no choice, but to retreat to one of his rental properties
currently inhabited by two brothers, Wah and the psychotic Ching Fung.

Wah is the more sensible of the two, and even attempts to negotiate with the gang
targeting his landlord. Only to end up getting fatally wounded in a violent brawl.

Adding an additional peg to the shitstorm of predicaments plaguing Cheung.
Now that he has one more psychopath on his heels, and Ching Fung is determined to
kill Cheung's entire family to repay him for his involvement in Wah's demise.

Will this poor bastard ever catch a break?
You'll just have to watch and see ;)


This review is of the cut, Tai Seng/Universe Laser & Video release.
An uncut PAL version, containing more violence and sex is available online at D&T Mailorder.

Occasional subtitle issues and murky picture quality aside, this is still a really great film.
If you don't mind a little shameless violence towards children, you'll be in for a treat!

Availability: This title still appears to be in print, despite getting the same treatment as
Dr. Lamb. It's depressing.

Price: 9-14$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)

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Phantom of Pulp said...

Excellent HK movie from a golden period.