Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Groper Train: Search For The Black Pearl (1984)


A mysterious and valuable black pearl discovered by a wandering soldier in Vietnam.
Is taken back to his home in Japan. Where he hides it in a very inconspicuous place.
Even with his nubile wife, Matsuko's persistent solicitation of the valuables whereabouts.

While the two make love, Yamamori is finally coaxed to reveal a little snippet
of a hint to his beloved. Before death overtakes him mid-climax.
His final words, "pussy print". Are the only clues left for Matsuko.
So the bereaved widow hires an unorthodox private detective, Kuroda.
To help her find the missing treasure.

Using his detective agency as convenient cover to participate in various sexual acts,
not limited to ravishment of female train passengers and his bouncy assistant.
Kuroda enjoys his job a little too much. Once Matsuko gives him the only viable clue.
An inked print of Yamamori's missing niece Yuko's nethers.
Kuroda suits up and hits the local train, where he is determined to ink and make prints of
as many vaginas as he can. Until he finds a match.

Although with the personal turmoil surrounding Matsuko and Yamamori's son, Harou (the only attractive man in this entire fucking film!) Things are not as they would seem.


First off, almost EVERY male participant in this film is hideous. I can see why the actresses were positioned in ways to detract from their unsightly counterparts. I am sure I would probably prefer to sit on a guys face opposed to having to actually look at him, if he happened to resemble a fucking catfish with glasses.

Yet despite that minor grievance. I thought this flick overall was pretty entertaining.
Managing to be hilarious, titillating...and disgusting. All at the same time.

Highly recommended!

Availability: In print and available from various online retailers.

Price: 13-19$

Screen Captures: (No copyright infringement intended.)


Erik (Drunketh) said...

I know this isn't anime, but...

I really miss watching Anime. I wish I could get the whole series of Vampire Princess Miyu or even the two OVAs. OOP and expensive, ya' know? What's the hold up with the re-releases? Those fucks. I could go with some Devilman Vol. 2 or Vampire Hunter D 2. So romantic and tragic!

Toxaemia said...

Amazon has copies of the Miyu show & the OAVS for a pretty decent price ;)

And I totally agree with you! There is so much good anime that needs to be re-released, Devilman especially. I think there's a VHS pressing floating around that's subtitled.
It would be great thought to have it on DVD. Even if I still kinda dig the dub :P

Phantom of Pulp said...

"Catfish with glasses"

Don't know why the guys in these films are usually so repulsive.