Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ghostwatch (1992)


This is the notorious televised BBC Halloween Special that delves into the supernatural,
by way of a single mother and her two daughters, currently inhabiting one of
the most haunted homes in Britain.

The family has been plagued by paranormal incidents for 10 months.
Various activity that ranges from broken glasses and flying objects.
To goose bump inducing figures and loud banging coming from the walls.
All incidents are thought to originate from one singular entity,
christened "Pipes", by the girl's mother. Hoping to ease her worried brood with the
notion that all of the noises were coming from their central heating.

A BBC film crew in honor of Halloween, decide to set up camp inside the
home on Fox Hill Drive. Among them a small film crew and real life news
Anchor, Sarah Greene. Agree to stay in the home, hoping to document any real evidence of ghosts.

The program also encourages it's viewers to participate in the spooky fun, by calling
in with their own stories of the paranormal.

As expected the festivities start off in good fun, before slowly giving way to genuine fear
as the show progresses. And more disturbing things begin to happen. Making it difficult for
the most diehard skeptics in the film studio to ignore.


How amazing it would have been to actually see the original broadcast!
And it's initial aftermath of terror. Considering that a majority of the viewing audience really
thought that what they were seeing was real.

This show is exceptional! And undoubtedly fucking terrifying.

In it's simplicity, this is easily one of the scariest films I have every seen.
And comes very highly recommended!

This was my first pal DVD purchase!

Availability:  Unfortunately, this title is Region 2 only.
And If you have a region free DVD player, do not hesitate to snatch this film up!
It's recently been re-pressed for the film's 20 year anniversary on
pal/region 0 DVD from 101 Distribution.

Price: Sadly, imports are never cheap. This title can be found and purchased
in it's most recent press between (25-40$)

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