Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't Deliver Us From Evil (1971)


Beneath a facade of youthful innocence and inexperience, two mischievous girls (Anne & Lore) attend St. Mary's Catholic School for girls. When not laughing during church sermons or confessing to sins fabricated for their own amusement. The pair strategically plan for an upcoming Satanic ritual, where they will denounce any affiliations with Christ and devote their lives to evil.

To prepare for the ceremony the girls secretly hoard communion wafers, eventually resorting to acts of theft when they take a priest's ceremonial garb and communion wine for their upcoming festivities. The two also enlist the services of Anne's mentally disabled gardener (Leon), whom the two thoroughly enjoy subjecting to various torments and abuse.

With summer break looming, Anne's parents decide to go on a trip for two months and with their servant (Gustave) as Anne's only form of supervision. The arrangement allows the girls many opportunities to get themselves into trouble.

It is not long before the duo decides to flirt with a local farmer. Anne manages to persuade Lore to entice the farmer, by entertaining him with a playful strip tease (before she departs to release the man's cows from the confines of the gated farm.) Left in the company of such a pervert, Lore is ravished by the sexually frustrated farmer who in his relentless pursuit of satisfaction tries to rape her. Thankfully, his attempts to deflower the girl are thwarted when Lore kicks him in the groin, enabling her to escape.

The girls continue to entice the opposite sex and commit devious acts, yet they are unprepared for the consequences of their actions when their games begin to take on a murderous tone.

"We shall dedicate our lives to Satan, our lord and master"

In Conclusion:

Banned by the Catholic Church (seeing the movie you will know why.) & Loosely based on the Parker-Hulme Murder, depicted in Peter Jackson's--Heavenly Creatures, but with a more sacrilegious bend.

The girls interactions with various male characters make for quite an uncomfortable watch. Rape stares abound in this movie, even if the girl's intentionally draw negative attention to themselves.

Over all, I was quite entranced by the film. I liked the pairings (which are prevalent in many films) of light and dark. Anne being the dark haired deviant who provokes. And Lore being the sympathetic blonde easily convinced and usually the one conveniently left in compromising positions with the opposite sex.

I found them both worthy of evoking sympathy, and yet at the same time deserving of a good ass beating.

Both the ending and the musical score creep under your skin. Even now as I write this review, the theme is on continuous loop in my mind.

The flick comes highly recommended, and thankfully is only available in French or French with English subtitles. As it was meant to be seen.

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